160629 CPR training

Anyone who missed the training session in June but would still like to learn the CPR skills that could keep someone alive till the defibrillator arrives, please leave your contact details with staff at the village shop. Another session will be arranged.

Updated 31/7/16

Free CPR training went well

There was a healthy turnout for the free training in the village hall on 29th June, and now there are 9 more people in the village who could save your life in an emergency.

If anyone who couldn’t attend would like to hold another session, Jenny has very kindly offered to run one in someone’s home – you just need to rustle up a few neighbours and friends to come along and be trained as well.

Please leave details in the village shop if you’d be interested in this.

Learn to save a life

The new public defibrillator located next to the village shop is designed to be easy to use – but training will be available at the village hall, FREE, on Wednesday 29th June at 7.30pm.

Anyone who would like to be shown how to use the machine should leave contact details with the shop or leave a comment here and we’ll be in touch.
May 2016


It’s here!

We have taken delivery of the defibrillator and it is due to be installed outside the shop in the next few weeks.

Training sessions for supporting care, CPR, is being arranged with East Midlands Ambulance Service – but you do not need to be trained to use the defibrillator. It talks to you and tells you what to do!

If you’re interested in having life saving CPR training please leave your contact details at the shop and we’ll be in touch about the sessions.
February 2015

* * * * *

Landlord’s permission has been granted. We hope to receive Listed Building Consent by the end of August. One it’s received, installation of our new public heart-defibrillator will begin.

Hanson Cement of Ketton have generously agreed to provide a qualified electrician to carry out the necessary wiring work free of charge.

September 2015