How can I keep my home safe?

  • Always lock doors and windows when going out. Intruder alarms can help protect your home – make sure they’re always switched on when there’s no-one in.
  • Never leave a spare set of keys outside and don’t leave them on shelves or on tables near the front door – burglars might reach them through the letterbox.
  • About 1/3 of burglars get in through the windows. Think about fitting window locks if you don’t already have them, especially for windows that are easily accessible.
  • Lock side gates to prevent easy access to the back of the house, where burglars can’t be seen from the street.
  • Make sure you lock garden sheds, particularly if they contain garden tools that could help a burglar get into your house.
  • Outdoor lighting gives burglars fewer places to hide. If you can, install high-efficiency, low-energy lighting that works from the minute it starts getting dark until it’s light again.
  • Beware of the dog! Even if you don’t have a dog, a burglar might be put off by the thought of one. It’s worth putting up a sign.
  • Don’t put details about holidays on social networking sites like Facebook. It’s an open invitation to burglars.
  • If you are burgled, call the police immediately.

Thanks to the Clydesdale Bank for this advice.   December 2017