Could you be a councillor?

Daffodils spring up in our grass verges every Spring. The cemetery and the churchyard are kept spick and span. We have grit bins and dog bins. Affordable houses for local people have been built on The Drove. We don’t have tower blocks and massive housing estates instead of fields. There are footpaths and the street lights work. The cemetery and churchyard are beautiful and peaceful. There’s a pedestrian crossing and a 30mph speed limit through the village.

Have you ever wondered how all this happens? Much of it is down to the efforts of seven people, elected by you, who give up a few hours of their time every month (except August) to keep the wheels turning. I give you…. the Parish Council! 

…Except we’re short of a councillor. Could you help? Meetings are not hard work and training is available. There’s plenty of support from the Clerk (Jo), the Chairman (Shelagh), the Vice Chairman (Linda) and the other councillors (John, David and Zoe). Sharing the work around means it takes up a lot less time for everyone.

It’s always better when people volunteer for this role, but if needs be the parish council can approach people. Please consider joining the parish council. Even if you only do it for six months and then resign again, it would be a great help. (Looks good on a CV too!)

Former councillor Fiona says: “I learned a huge amount from my years on the council – such as, how to set up a charity, how planning decisions are supposed to be made, when to plant saplings, why Collyweston roofs are so steep but modern ones don’t need to be, the history of the village, and best of all, who’s who in the village!”

Could you be tempted? Please contact Jo Hemingway for an honest picture of what’s involved. Your help could be just what we need. And it won’t do you any harm, either.


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