February 2018

Collyweston Cemetery is running out of space, and the parish council has a duty to find more land for future interments provided the parish requires it to.

The obvious option could be to buy adjacent land for an extension to the existing cemetery. Clearly there would be a purchase cost, testing of land costs and legal costs, but it’s believed that a Public Works loan via the Treasury would help the village to spread the burden over a number of years.

OR there is a more sustainable way forward that could be considered…

The parish could buy a separate plot of land – and rent out portions of it that are not currently required for the cemetery. This would offset the cost of the finance, and in time the rented areas would be taken back into parish use when they are actually needed.

Do you have any thoughts about this? Please contact the parish council, either in person or via or email

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January 2016

It’s become clear that the brown bin in the Cemetery, into which spent flowers and some grass cuttings used to go, was needing replaced. So instead, we’re going to have 2 brand new compost bins which will eventually turn old plant material into lovely new compost for the Jubilee Garden. 160115 compost_bin_plastic_mine