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January 2019

Thank you to everyone that turned out on a wet Sunday night to support us at the Quiz and Raffle. Your efforts this year helped us raise £308 through the sale of raffle tickets, quiz team entry fees and the really kind donation of quiz prizes being given back. Thank you also to Damian and the staff at the Collyweston Slater for allowing us to take over the pub for the night at such short notice! All of the prizes went to locals.

October 2018  

Did your children take part in the Finding Fitness Holiday Club sessions?
The free Finding Fitness sessions on Tuesday 28th & Wednesday 29th August arranged out of the working funds were well attended. Please let Jo Hemingway know if you would like them repeated. Did your children enjoy them?

The Clubhouse – the decision was made by the Trustee that it would postpone this for now, and review again in 2 years’ time. For those who wish to know the results YES – 16, NO – 22, UNSURE – 8, No interest either way – 46. Jo Hemingway was instructed to inform Augean and East Northamptonshire Community Fund that the grants on offer are no longer required at this current time, but the Trustee hopes it will not affect future applications for grant funding. Anyone who sponsored a brick will be consulted in due course, and project funds will be required to get the car parking area done as per the planning permission.

Due to Jo having time off in August for personal reasons, the rest of the results will be published later, once the Trustee has had time to consider them.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Please download our 2018 Survey below, and either print off and complete, or do it on screen using Word and then email it!

Public meeting on Sunday 10th June 2018
at 2.00pm in the village hall          Online Survey

There were no replies to the call in March for interest in sporting activities, so we’re inviting you to come along and learn more about the CPFA and what the future holds for this community playing field. 

The following letter was published in Colly News in May 2018. 

I am requesting a skate park at the playing field because we are not allowed to play in the cage on scooters and skateboards. The older ones play on the road and I think it is very dangerous. It would not have to be a huge park, just a few ramps and grinding bars.

I don’t know how much it will cost but I am sure we can do a fund raising event. There are lots of young children in the village now so I think it will get a lot of use. If we could try to fit in a little shelter. I think all the young children and older children will love it.

Your sincerely, C.P.                                                                                     May 2018


Note to users of this community facility: please be respectful

  • Skateboarders  –  please stay out of the MUGA, your wheels damage the surface
  • Dog walkers  –  please keep your dog on the lead inside the playing field
                                –  pick up after your dog, put the poo in a bag and then use the red bins

April 2018


Who wants to play what?
The Management Committee/Trustee are trying to organise sporting activities to start later in the year.  However information is required before hand.

Please can you let Jo Hemingway know the following information, all information is protected under the Data Protection Act and will not be disclosed to the public. (Jo’s contact details are at the top of this page.)

  1. Please can you tell us how many people in the age groups 0-19 and 19-plus in your family? If you could give ages as well that would be really helpful.
  2. Are they interested in participating in one or more of the following sports? If so, which ones?

Football                 Tennis                  Netball                   Basketball              Kwik cricket

Many thanks for your help.                                                                 February 2018


Vehicles – keep out of the playing field please

This is a reminder that vehicles are NOT allowed in the playing field except by special permission of the Trustee. This is because it’s so easy for heavy wheels to damage the structure of the ground making it impossible to use for games or even to walk safely.

Access to the top of the field is possible via The Drift, and is the only safe and appropriate way to get there in a vehicle.
February 2018

Thanks to everyone that did attend the Quiz and Raffle on 17th December 2017. Unfortunately numbers have dropped from previous years; only 9 teams entered the Quiz, with our local postie Andy’s team taking first prize again this year. (Well done!) The Raffle results are:-

  • 1st prize £100 – won by a newcomer to the village, so thanks for supporting us
  • 2nd prize £50 – Neal Lattimore
  • 3rd prize – Debbie Guthrie who is a staunch supporter
  • 4th prize (donated by Mr Hemingway) – Bodie Lattimore
  • 5th prize (donated by Mrs G Sanders) – Dave Hemingway

Grateful thanks from the Committee and Trustee go to Mrs Sanders and Mr Hemingway for their donations to the raffle prizes. The CPFA committee will report the final total from the night at its meeting in January 2018 – and you’ll be able to find out here as soon as someone passes on the details!

30th December 2017


Aviva Insurance is running a competition to decide which community projects to fund. Our Clubhouse has been shortlisted and now we need you to VOTE! You don’t need to be an Aviva customer – but you do have to register on their website. Then you get up to 10 votes to play with. Register here and let’s see if we can get £25,000 closer to our build target. Voting closes on 21st November
    –   October 2017

    Collyweston Playing Field Association
             Tuesday 14th November at 7.30pm
in the  Collyweston Slater

The business to be discussed is: –

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of the Meeting – 19th September 2017
  3. Christmas Raffle & Fun Quiz
  4. Playing Field Local issues
  5. Next Management MeetingNovember 2017



















Wednesday 23rd May 2017 at 8.00pm in the Village Hall or Collyweston Slater

The business to be discussed is: –

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of the Meeting – 16th May 2017
  3. Update on Race Night by Kay Musgrove
  4. General Maintenance
  5. Next Management Meeting

Calling Collyweston Kidz!

What are you doing
on Sunday 23rd April?

If you’re between the ages of 0-16 years, would you like to join in a St George’s Day Treasure Hunt at the playing field?

There will be 2 options: Group 1 is for 0-8 years, Group 2 is for 9-16 years, and the entry fee is £1.
However, you could get family and friends to sponsor you to raise money to support our cause!

Please contact any member of the committee by 25th March if you’d like to join the fun. Or you can email us.


Collyweston Playing Field Association
Tuesday 7th February 2017 at 8.00pm
in the Collyweston Slater

    The business to be discussed is: –

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of the meeting – 4th January 2017
  3. Grant applications update by Treasurer
  4. Website update
  5. Clubhouse plans update
  6. General Maintenance update
  7. Next Management Meeting


Sponsored Toddle
& Teddy Bears Picnic
– Sunday 2nd October 2016
If you’re four years old or less, this is your big chance to help raise money for the new clubhouse. Persuade a parent to bring you to the playing field at 10.30am, in time to start a Sponsored Toddle on a special short route round the village. You can download a map which shows where you can collect special tokens to prove to your sponsors that you did the toddle, the full toddle and nothing but the toddle! Sponsorship forms can be downloaded here or ask Jo (01780 444311) for one. And then after you’ve cleared the finish line, back at the playing field, on the same day, people of any age can bring your favourite teddy bear and a picnic to the playing field and enjoy a Teddy Bears Picnic. It would be great to see you, and to meet all those lovely bears that normally only get to play at home.

Annual trustees meeting 2016
The public are always invited to this annual get-together when the Committee and the charity’s Trustees (better known as the parish council) discuss how things are going and what’s planned for the coming year.

Wednesday 27th July, 7.30pm in the village hall. The reports will be published here soon.           Updated July 2016

The Women’s Cycling Tour 2015 is coming to us this June! Follow the link to find out how to see 16 of the world’s greatest teams on Friday 19th June.                      Updated 2/6/15

Pocket Park makeover

The hedging around the Pocket Park has been in need of control for a while and as the previous volunteers from the village now seem to have other jobs to do the Playing Field Association thought the best option would be to ask a group of Conservation Volunteers to give it a Spring Clean.

The oak tree planted to commemorate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee had sadly died, so the TCV group replaced this and also filled in the gaps in the hedge with native plants that had been donated by Western Power. A lot of work was needed to clear up the brambles, but despite it being a really wet day, the volunteers did excellent work in about 3 hours. There will be a skip in place soon to take away all the cuttings.

Shelagh Busby


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