Parish Council NEWS

August 2019            ~ Renewing our street lighting ~
As you know, the footpath lighting in Collyweston is in need of
upgrading – away from the familiar but inefficient orange ‘sodium’
lights, to more natural-looking LED light fittings. Till now, this has
been getting done gradually by the parish council, as the older fittings
fail and have to be replaced.

The parish clerk Jo Hemingway has spoken with clerks in other
town/villages, to find out what LED lighting they have and which
suppliers they would recommend (or not!).

Mark Wood from Zeta Specialist Lighting came to the July 2019
meeting. He explained to councillors that the replacement LED lights
that would suit our needs would be 3,000 kelvin and produce what is
classed as ‘warm white’ light, thereby not affecting pedestrians’

He brought a sample along to demonstrate, and confirmed that
existing columns could stay, and only the brackets would need replacing to accommodate the new light fittings.

The Collyns Way lights are set closer together, so he
recommends a lower kelvin rating. If anyone would like a sneaky
preview of what’s being proposed, visit Barnwell!

A government grant is available to help with some of the



May 2018    Parish Council vice chairman, Fiona Cowan, has resigned for personal reasons.

As one of the longest-serving of the current councillors, Fiona has represented Collyweston on a lot of projects and outside committees, as well as leading the Neighbourhood Plan project. She will be missed and the Parish Council thanks her for carrying out her civic duty beyond what was required, as well as donating her time to the community.

She will continue doing the website admin for the parish council village website for now.

Fiona said: “It was a tough decision to resign. But as well as Tweeting and Facebooking for the village, and looking after the village website, I’m planning to keep coordinating Neighbourhood Watch and attending the JAG and Augean landfill meetings whenever I can. This is a terrific village and I look forward to becoming more active again, maybe next year.”