Bin day

Our bins are normally emptied early on Thursday mornings. Please put your bin out by 6am on collection day, or after 7pm the night before. Here’s the 2018 calendar:


One week it’s the green-topped wheelie-bin for recycling. Any extra recycling can be left on top of or beside the bin and it will be lifted.
The next week it’s the black-topped wheelie-bin for other household waste. The team will not be able to take away an extra refuse left with this bin.
Food waste is collected every week in the small green bin. You can wrap the waste in paper but not plastic please.

And here’s a link to our nearest waste recycling centre at Weldon, just down the A43.

Reporting a missed bin
If your rubbish hasn’t been collected by 3pm please report it here.

In the event of severe weather please visit to check if collections are running as normal – or look at the East Northamptonshire Council facebook page.

                                                                                          Updated October 2017


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