At our meetings

Collyweston Village Hall Committee is a registered charity (no 1065057) and its management meetings are held in public, usually in the village hall, and usually once a month. Items discussed don’t change much, and usually include:=

  • Apologies for absence
  • Minutes of the last meeting
  • Matters arising from those Minutes (other than separate Agenda items)
  • Treasurer’s report
  • (any other items that members have requested to be discussed)
  • Date of next meeting

Committee members: S Busby 01780 444607
C Lack
L Sauntson 01780 444662
P Sauntson 01780 444662
S Wrynn 01780 444282

Starting from January 2016, Minutes from these meetings are available to the public here. If you would like to attend any meeting yourself, please contact either the chairman or the secretary  as a courtesy, and they will arrange to make sure you feel as included as you want to be!

Minutes of Collyweston Village Hall Committee
2016 February 4th minutes
2016 January 5th Minutes

2015 November 23rd Minutes


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