School reunion – it was great!

150604 School Sign

On Saturday 5th September 2015, about 50 people attended the village hall to remember their time at the school. The age range was wide from 29 to 80 years old, and the memories coming thick and fast.

It was great to meet up with people that you perhaps had not seen for 30 years or more. Miss McHale (head teacher) and Mrs Naylor (teacher) also Mrs Cutts (school secretary) the members of staff there at the closure, enjoyed catching up with the pupils from the 80s / 90s era.

People brought photos from their schooldays to add to the collection already there, along with other memorabilia including the Beefeater costumes from Coronation year. We also had a board where you could write your specific memory – this included things like school dinners, geraniums, slides on the ice in the playground, and many things that would not be allowed today. I still have this list if anyone is interested.

The Collyweston Museum was open for people to view further items of the history of the school.

There is an ongoing discussion about the time capsule said to be buried in the school yard. It’s hoped that this can be retrieved soon. There was an opportunity to have photographs taken in the school grounds but I don’t know if anyone went. There is talk about another get together in the future.

HUGE THANK YOU to all the people that helped to make the evening a success.

Shelagh Busby

Everything is now ready for a good evening of reminiscing – but I do need confirmation of numbers (reports Shelagh Busby).

If you’re coming to Collyweston Village Hall on Saturday 5th September at 7.30pm for 8pm, please confirm how many will be in your group by 7th August.

We’re making a charge of £10 per head (children free) but there will not be any tickets issued – you just pay at the door.

There will be live music and BBQ food included in the price. Also a bar. We are asking that everyone brings ONE photo of themselves taken at the school. This is just to make sure you really were a pupil/teacher or other staff member.

I’ve been told that a time capsule was buried in the school grounds, intended to be dug up in the year 2000. Does anyone remember this?

If you would like more details I can be contacted at the number on page 4 of the August issue of Colly News or you can email me via this page.

Shelagh Busby 1/8/15

Here’s the latest about what is planned for Saturday 5th September!

The school grounds are not safe enough to use as a venue but we do hope to take some group photographs in that area. We decided on the village hall as a venue instead.

The bar is arranged, and music. But we are still looking for someone to do the catering – possibly a barbecue or hog roast.

There will be an entry fee of £10 per adult to cover all expenses. Tickets will not be supplied but confirmation of attendance will be needed. We already have a list of about 100 people so it is important to let Shelagh know if you are still interested. Her number is on page 4 of the June issue of Collyweston News.

The response to the request for interested people to contact me has been great so the event will go ahead. The date for your diary is Saturday 5th September 2015.

We have yet to decide a venue. As soon as this is confirmed it will be advertised everywhere.

We still need you to let me know if you wish to attend, as numbers are needed for catering, etc.

Please don’t take it for granted that there will be a place for you. If I don’t have your name you won’t be on the list!

There is a group of people in place to organise everything but if you would like to help just ring me. My number is on page 8 of the April issue of Colly News. 

Shelagh Busby


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