June 18th to July 22nd 2018      Restructuring Northamptonshire for the Future

There are currently eight local authorities across Northamptonshire providing council services including housing, planning, social care and protecting the vulnerable; and they also collect rubbish, maintain roads and run libraries.

Councils are currently organised in a two-tier structure, with some services provided by the County Council and some provided by seven borough or district councils. The councils have been invited by the Government to submit proposals to restructure local government in Northamptonshire.

It is proposed that local government in Northamptonshire should change, it is important that you have a say in how these and many other services are delivered in the future.

Why should I get involved?
If you live or work anywhere in Northamptonshire your council, local services and the council tax you pay would be affected by the proposals in this document. Following an urgent invitation from the Government, and because of the need to make local government services more sustainable, Northamptonshire’s eight councils are proposing to reduce the number of councils in the county from eight to two from April 2020.

All eight councils are co-operating to seek the views of residents, businesses and others
about the proposal during a period of public consultation from June 18th to July 22nd. We want to know your opinions. So please read this document and take part in the
consultation. While explaining the main issues, this document cannot include all the background and detailed evidence, so please visit the website for further information.

You can download a copy of the document here, or scroll down to view it on this page.