Parish Council

Parish councillors are ordinary residents who give up a few hours of their free time every month to keep the village ticking along. They keep an eye on the roads, planning applications, street furniture, public land, safety, crime and other issues affecting the community. They have a modest budget which comes out of the Council Tax. Councillors receive training for the role, and agree to abide by a Code of Conduct which which you can see here. The parish council has an annual checkup by an external auditor, to ensure that correct safeguards and procedures are kept. An elected but unpaid level of local government, there are 7 councillors looking after Collyweston

PARISH CLERK Jo Hemingway is usually the first person to contact if you wish to alert the parish council to something needing attention or action. Talk to her informally on 01780 444311 during office hours or send her an email

The register of councillors’ pecuniary interests in Collyweston is held by the District Council, and here is a link to it.

You can report pot-holes or other road problems to the Street Doctor yourself, using their easy online reporting system, without involving the parish council. (You’ll probably get a quicker response than they would!)

Find out what the Parish Council, District Council and County Council are each responsible for.



4 Responses to Parish Council

  1. Mrs Anne Stephens says:

    Good evening,

    This may come across as a strange request, however me and my Husband drive through Collyweston on our way to Sleaford to visit family. And drive past the most beautiful building that is unfortunately boarded up, we have since discovered that this building used to be a school in the village with the most amazing history and it does an awful shame for this building to stay abandoned. My question is where would we find out information if we we were interested in purchasing the property and restoring it into a residential dwelling? It would make our day if you had some pictures so that we may see the inside of the property.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Kindest regards

    Mrs Anne Stephens

    • Collyweston site admin says:

      Thank you for getting in touch! The school closed in April 1995 and the building belongs to Burghley House Preservation Trust. Their property office is in St Martins, Stamford. I’m afraid I don’t have pictures of the inside but you could try contacting Mrs Busby, who attended the school and is well versed in its history. She is chairman of the parish council, and is best contacted via the Clerk, Mrs Hemingway, on Best wishes, Fiona Cowan

  2. Mrs Kay Musgrove has resigned as a parish councillor, owing to other commitments. The parish council are very sad that she will no longer be part of the decision making process, but say a BIG thank you for her contributions. We all wish Kay well, and hope that maybe in the future she will be able to join us again. Thankfully, Kay will still be on the Playing Field Association management committee.

  3. The July parish council meeting has been postponed to Wednesday 16th. It’s still at 7.30pm in the village hall and you are still welcome to attend. Tea/coffee is served during the break.

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