Stamp out dog mess!

Image result for dog messWhen you see someone out with a dog who doesn’t have it under control, or who doesn’t pick up its mess, please report it to the Dog Warden! Once he receives enough complaints he will come out and – when he witnesses this happening – can issue a £75 fixed penalty. He needs details such as:

  • Time/date/location of incident
  • Frequency of offence if it happens regularly
  • Description/breed of dog
  • Description of the offender
  • A photo of the dog/incident is useful to identify the dog (but cannot be used as evidence)
  • Your own name/address/phone number
  • Name/address of offender if known.

It is difficult to catch offenders without the above information and an authorised officer usually needs to witness the offence being committed before a fixed penalty notice can be issued. If you can’t provide that much detail, East Northants Council can still carry out patrols in the area and provide signage, but the chance of catching the offender is much smaller.

Please use the reporting dog fouling form at or call Customer Services on 01832 742000 during office hours and ask for the Dog Warden.
You can also email him via