Church News

August 2019      * The church is open every day from around 10am till 4pm, for visitors and quiet reflection. Please avail yourselves of this facility. *

Welcome to August, holiday month and on the downward slope to Christmas! We say it every time: “Where has the year gone to so quickly?”

Before we get to Christmas, though, we have the Harvest Festival to look forward to on October 13th and St Andrew’s night in November; bear these in mind.

Whilst you have got your diaries out, particularly if you are a cycling enthusiast (and there seems be an ever increasing number on our local roads) why not consider taking part in The Northamptonshire Historic Churches Trust annual “Ride and Stride” on Saturday
September 14th? The object of the event is to make a sponsored ride around as many Northamptonshire churches as you can manage. The money raised goes towards providing grants to churches and 50% of what you raise goes to your nominated church, which in this instance will be St. Andrew Collyweston, we trust! Details from Peter on 444662.

Also, at the end of this month CHAPS are organising a weekend devoted to the village’s history, particularly that of the Palace; you should have received details through your door.

On Sunday 14th July we held what has become an annual event to give thanks for our pets. This was a lovely celebration and the congregation consisted of several dogs, a cat and various humans all of whom had a wonderful time with tea and cake afterwards. We
shall do it again next year so do come along with your pets of whatever description.

A special mention should be made of all those, mainly ladies, who decorate the church every week with flowers at the altar; the lovely fresh smell and joyful appearance of the arrangements work wonders!

– Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens

July 2019 

What a great day we had for the Fete! Amidst the miserable weather of early June we were fortunate to pick a day when the sun almost shone and the rain held off until the end. There seemed to be more people than last year, despite what appeared to be a fairly slow start, and everyone looked to be having a good time. The cakes this year defied description in quantity and quality and the judge had a very difficult, although tasty, job to decide the winner. Keep up the good work for next year!

Thanks must go to all who helped with donations, catering, setting up, manning the stalls and taking it all down again and to all who attended. Profit is not yet finalised but the treasurer is thinking around 12% more than last year. So, thanks to all who came and spent their money. We hope you enjoyed yourselves.

We were recently privileged to hold a ceremony to swear in Churchwardens elected at recent Annual Church Meetings along with other Churchwardens from local parishes. This was possible because our Priest in Charge, Philip, is acting Rural Dean and is empowered to carry out this function. It was lovely that this should happen here rather than travelling to another parish.

Occasionally we hold a service for our pets; they provide comfort, interest and exercise to us, and it is only right that we should celebrate that. This year it will be held as part of our afternoon Service of Evening Prayer at 4.00pm on Sunday July 14th. Please come along with your furry, feathered or scaly friend to help us celebrate, and have a cuppa and cake afterwards.

Holiday season is fast approaching so if you are taking time off or away, enjoy yourselves!

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens

June 2019 

The village fete is this Sunday (2nd June) starting at 12 noon. Time to get baking for the cake competition (no cakes in the competition means no cakes for the teas!) – please bring them along to The Hermitage, half way down High Street, by 11am for judging. Donations and prizes for the tombola and raffle as well as the bric-a-brac are always welcome. The entrance at The Hermitage has been filling up over the last week or so with donated items, but there is still plenty of room!

Many thanks to everyone who helped to decorate the church for Easter. It looked absolutely beautiful. The natural environment in the church itself (sometimes a bit chilly!) helps to preserve these decorations for two or more weeks, so next time we decorate it you will have a little while to come and have a look. Remember, the church is open every day now.

Following the election of churchwardens at the Annual Church Meeting it is customary for those elected to be “sworn in” at what is known as the “Archdeacon’s Visitation” which this year is to be held at the Cathedral on 6th July. We have got permission from the diocese to hold our ceremony here for us and others that cannot make the Cathedral ceremony and it will be conducted by our own Priest in Charge, Canon Philip Davies, in his role as acting Archdeacon. The ceremony will be held as part of our Evening Prayer service on Sunday June 9th at 4.00pm so please come along and lend your support.

We look forward to seeing you all on 2nd June when you can have a barbecue lunch, a pint or two and tea and cakes – all on the same site as the games and competitions!

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens

May 2019      As this is being written the weather has turned decidedly spring like. The beautiful spring shades of green are really coming through, primulas and honesty in profusion in the garden to replace the fading daffodils. Summer is on its way.

We held our Annual Church Meeting recently; we have been part of the Benefice of Kings Cliffe for six years now and it all seems to be working very well. The Treasurer has almost enough money to clear our debts, our Priest in Charge is now a Canon and the churchwardens and PCC members were all returned to their previous roles.

Again, whilst writing this, the news of the devastating fire at Notre Dame de Paris is filling the bulletins and newspapers, and one is reminded of the frailty of man and his creations; it is also gratifying to hear that there are so many generous people and organisations who have pledged money for its repair. And we worry about the security of our roof lead!

Talking of which, there have been several thefts of lead from local churches very recently. We would ask everyone to be vigilant and report any suspicious incident straight away. Indeed, one local resident was really on the ball a few evenings ago when a vehicle was reported backing up the church drive at dusk, and he immediately notified a churchwarden. Fortunately the churchwarden was accompanying the said vehicle which was delivering an electronic organ which had been gifted to us by a previous Collyweston resident!

Time goes on apace and you are reminded that the village fete in aid of the church will be held on Sunday June 2nd from 12 noon onwards in the garden of The Hermitage on High Street. This event, which goes back many years, will have all the usual attractions of barbecue, bar, games, tombola, raffle and teas.

There will again be the Great Collyweston Bake Off to judge the best cake of any description; all the cakes then being consumed for the teas. No entries, no teas, so please have a go even if you claim to be a poor cook!

We are always short of collectors for donations to tombola, raffle and bric-a-brac, so if you can help we shall be grateful. Alternatively (and preferably!) bring your donations to The Hermitage in good time. Cakes before 11am on the day.

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens


April 2019      To start with, let us offer our congratulations to our Priest in Charge, Philip Davies, on his elevation to Canon of Peterborough Cathedral. This took place with effect from March 1st and he will be officially inducted at the Cathedral in November. Dates and details to follow. This does not, as far as we are concerned, make any particular difference to how the Benefice functions; he will carry on being our local priest as before.

The Annual Church Meeting takes place on Tuesday April 9th at 7.30pm in the Church. At this meeting elections are held for the positions of Churchwardens and members of the Parochial Church Council. If you would like to be considered for any of these posts please let one of the churchwardens know and we can take it from there. All are welcome to attend and we would value your support. To be eligible for any of these positions you need to be on the Church Electoral Roll and forms are available from Peter Sauntson, 01780 444662 if you have not already received one.

It is Palm Sunday on April 14th and our Evening Prayer service will be based on Palm Sunday; Easter is the following week and we shall be celebrating this most important of Festivals at 10.30am on 21st.

On Saturday May 4th at the Cathedral from 11.00am to 4.00pm there is “Treasure for Treasure” event where you can donate jewellery and small antiques and meet TV auctioneer Charles Hanson. These items will be sold at one of Hanson’s auctions (they have kindly waived their fees) and the proceeds will be split equally between a parish church of your choice in the Diocese (guess which one you should choose!) and the Cathedral. Lesley Smith, who has made numerous TV appearances, will be present in costume as Queen Elizabeth l to chat to visitors.

Lesley will be presenting a monologue on Mary Queen of Scots on Friday 3rd May at 7.30pm. Tickets at £10.00 are available from

– Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens at the moment

March 2019      We are now getting in to Spring; daffodils and snowdrops in profusion aided by the late February weather which has been very pleasant. Let’s hope that March Many Weathers is equally gentle.

The Church year proceeds apace, now almost at the beginning of Lent and Mothering Sunday at the end of the month. Don’t forget to put the clocks forward on Saturday 30th!
The Service of Evening Prayer, which we hold at 4.00pm on the second Sunday, will have as its theme “Deserts to Gardens”; you will need to be there to discover exactly what it consists of. There will be tea and cake to follow!

At the end of last year and the beginning of this one we have hosted a number of visits from members of local U3A organisations. These have involved making presentations to between fifteen and twenty five members on each occasion and appear to have been well received. It has been quite an interesting experience and we have all learned a lot about the Church building, its history, Lady Margaret Beaufort, Collyweston Palace, the village and its slating industry. This is all good stuff and we hope our efforts will be useful to the
History Society and their forthcoming Open Weekend later in the year.
Talking of events later in the year, don’t forget the Village Fete which is planned be held on Sunday June 2nd . Make a date in your diaries!

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens


February 2019      * The church is open every day from around 10am till 4pm, for visitors and quiet reflection. Please avail yourselves of this facility. *

February again, one of the most depressing months of the year, although there are signs of spring with daffodils and snowdrops poking through to have a look at what is in store for us all.

It is now around a year since we started to hold a service at 4.00pm on the second Sunday of the month and it has been a qualified success. Why not try it out? It is quite informal and there is usually tea and cake afterwards. Owing to a need to spread what clergy and readers that we have around the Benefice, we are also holding the fourth Sunday Service of Holy Communion at 10.30 am rather than 9.00am. This has also been going for a few months so this is just a reminder.

In a list of anniversaries, it is also a year since the pine tree was removed adjacent to the porch as well as the Church being left open nearly every day. This has worked well with numerous people from far and wide having signed the visitors’ book.

Once more, at this time of the year, the treasurer is scratching his head to find enough money to pay the dreaded Parish Share. This money, which goes towards paying for clergy and diocesan services, is always a drain on our limited finances and amounts to more than £5,000 per year – which, without some assistance from the dwindling Benefice funds, we would have difficulty in finding. This is without the costs of lighting, heating and maintenance. We have a small number of regular givers and the collections at services do help but it is still a struggle. So if you feel that you would like to preserve our Church with a regular or one-off donation please contact one of the churchwardens or the Treasurer Dr.Chris Brookings for details of how to help.

As something to look forward to, a provisional date for the Fete is Sunday June 2nd; make a note in your diaries!

Peter and Deirdre, churchwardens


January 2019          

One of my favourite sayings is that, “growing old is inevitable but growing up is optional”. I still enjoy the Christmas Season from a childhood point of view as well as for its proper significance and am happy to celebrate it in all its forms. No doubt we all have memories of Christmas in the past, no doubt remembering all the best bits and leaving out those not so good, but let us hope that this one was one of the best.

We have now entered the season of Epiphany which celebrates the Baptism of Christ and his presentation in the Temple. A little light in what is often a period of anti-climax following all the excesses of the past couple of weeks, which may help us to see the sometimes gloomy months of January and February through.

We have now welcomed four visits from local U3A organisations and two more are due in the New Year. They are given a potted history of the village and a guided tour of the church and its history. These seem to have gone down well with those who have attended.

All of us at St Andrew’s wish you and yours all the very best in health and fortune for 2019.

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens

December 2018          

“Stir up Sunday” (so called from the Collect for the Last Sunday before Advent; Stir up, we beseech thee, O Lord) has been and gone, so let’s hope that the pudding mixture has been sorted out and that consideration has been given to putting the brussels on ready for the Big Day!

Now we are at the beginning of Advent, that wonderful season leading up to Christmas, and there are several things happening. There will be no afternoon service on the second Sunday. Instead, the Carol Service will be at 4.00pm on Sunday 23rd. There will be a normal 9.00am service on Sunday 9th. The Carol Service is a great start for Christmas and is only two days before. It will be a candle-lit event as usual, and as in previous years, any children who still have their costumes from school productions are encouraged to come dressed up. The Benefice Choir will be in attendance to add even more splendour, and we might even be able to rustle up a mince pie and a cuppa. Don’t forget your candle!

There will be a Service of Holy Communion on Christmas Day at 10.30am; plenty of time to open a few presents and have a Buck’s Fizz with your ham and pork pie breakfast before coming, and still enough time to get the lunch on afterwards.

For those whose Christmas is enlightened by Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, it will be celebrated at Kings Cliffe Church at 11.30pm. We hope to be carol singing round parts of the village on Wednesday 19th, starting from The Slater at 6.00pm. If you can join us that would be great. Stamford Kiwanis have agreed to steer clear of Collyweston with their float this year so it is all down to you!

The shortest day is on December 21st … so just think … summer is on its way!

We wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas, and ask you to give some thought to the real meaning of the Day.

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens


November 2018          

Did you put the clocks back? To me, doing this is a stark reminder that winter is heading our way. I know that we have got autumn to get through but it is still a depressing thought. Never mind, there are things to look forward to, not leas the Remembrance weekend.

We shall start by holding the Cantare concert on Saturday 10th at 7.00pm (tickets from Peter or in the village shop at £10.00) and on Remembrance Day itself, which to the hour and the day is one hundred years since the cessation of hostilities of the Great War, 1914 to 1918. The service that day will begin with the Act of Remembrance at 10.55am, so that our period of silence will coincide with the rest of the country at 11.00am.

Invitably, some of us may think that this is an awfully long time ago, and that there are ver few, if any, that can claim that they “were there”. The happenings of that indescribably disaster have had an enormous impact on all of our lives. The fact that we let it happen again within a generation beggars belief.

We hope to display in Church over the weekend a small tribute to each of those men from the village who gave their lives, not knowing that by joining up or being conscripted would lead to such a devastation of their lives, and those of their families, which has had repercussions right up to the present day.

On a more cheerful note, our St Andrew’s Night celebrations will be taking place on Saturday 1st December in the barn at Collyweston House. This is a magnificent occasion on which to celebrate our Patron Saint, and is always a delightful evening. Further details are here and tickets are available shortly from Peter on 444662.

Advent, the lead-up to Christmas, begins on December 2nd. My goodness, how the year has flown!

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens

October 2018          

Now that we have held our Harvest Festival, which was a lovely event with the Church looking beautiful as always on this occasion, our thoughts will inevitably concentrate on Autumn and Winter; don’t forget to put the clocks back at the end of this month!

On the subject of the Harvest Festival, thanks once again to all those who made such a superb effort to decorate the Church; it is no small or inexpensive feat to create such delights for us all to admire. Although there was a reasonable attendance and some “audience participation” the vast majority of parishioners missed out on this spectacle.

However, time moves on and we have a busy season ahead. Halloween (All Hallows e’en) is really a religious feast, being the day before All Saints’ Day, which has been taken over by commercialism but that is no reason for not commemorating it and The Village Hall committee has decided that if we can’t beat them, then join them; so a children’s Halloween Party will be held on the occasion, 31st October. This is not a Church function but that is no reason not to support it. Details are in the magazine.

Another date for your diaries is the weekend of Remembrance Sunday, 10th and 11th November. Stamford High School Choir, Cantare, will once more be performing for us on Saturday 10th at 7.00pm in Church, again, details in the magazine.

The Service of Remembrance will start at 10.55am on Sunday 11th this year to more closely coincide with the nation’s observance.

Still on the theme of remembrance, last month I asked if anyone had any details about those Collyweston fallen in the First World War so that we could make a little greater effort to think of their sacrifices. So far the response has been rather less than over-whelming so I would ask once again for information on;
* Alfred Baxter               * Edgar Hand               * Arthur Nicholls
* Charles Nicholls          * G W Smith                 * George Wright,

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens


September 2018         

Not much seems to have happened since last month but don’t forget the Harvest Festival at 4.00pm on Sunday September 9th.

We have now been having a Service of Evening Prayer on the second Sunday of the month for some time and it seems to be getting more popular. Why not try looking in and taking part? We usually finish up by having a cup of tea and a cake together afterwards and chewing over the fat! The next one of course will be the Harvest Festival as mentioned above. If you would like to help with the decoration of the church for this event, along with the regulars of course, give Deirdre a shout. (Contact details on page 19 of Collyweston News!

Getting ahead of ourselves a little, this year’s Remembrance Service on Sunday November 11th falls on the exact day of the cessation of hostilities one hundred years ago. To mark this, it is hoped to commemorate those young men of Collyweston who gave their lives in that awful bloodbath. We read out their names each year, but few of us know anything about them. It is possible to find some details from the likes of the War Graves Commission. But if anyone has any information, whether they are part of your family or just someone you have heard of, please let Peter Sauntson know (again – contact details on page 9 of Collyweston News). With this information perhaps we can put together a little piece on each and display it in the church.

We shall have a concert by Cantare on the Saturday evening before, which should all add to the occasion.

The names we have are:  Alfred Baxter     William Close        Edgar Hand     Walter Hand
Harry Hull     Frank Bruce        Arthur Nicholls     Charles Nicholls
Arthur Scott   G.W.Smith          George Wright     Thomas Wyles

Please have a good search through your old photos and the recollections of your families and friends and see if we can make a fitting tribute to those who made the greatest sacrifice of all.

Deirdre and Peter, Churchwardens


August   2018          

As this is being written, we have been enjoying a wonderful spell of hot summer weather; at times it has seemed too warm to be outside. But if anyone has been visiting the church (it is open most of the time) they will have found a delightful temperature and respite from the heat! No doubt we shall soon be commenting about how cold it is in winter.

We gardeners, as is usual, having complained about the growing conditions earlier in the year, are now complaining at the lack of water to grow what remained of our crops planted in the cold spring, are now moaning that the grass has died, fear not, it is a weed and will be back! Hopefully the weather will remain good for the farmers and their harvest.

The Harvest Festival will be held on Sunday 9th September at 4.00pm.

We held a delightful Pet Service on the second Sunday of last month which was well attended by both humans and dogs. Sadly no other pets were brought along but I suppose cats and the like are not always prepared to do as their owners wish.

August is a traditional holiday month so those of you going away, or just lazing around at home, have a super time and come back refreshed for autumn.

In the future, we are again being entertained in church by “Cantare”, the Girls’ School Choir. They tend to visit us every two years and do put on a splendid concert. Thisis likely to be on Saturday November 10th.

July 2018          

What a wonderful day it was for the Fete on June 3rd. Heaven’s weather department could not have provided a better day for it, and it was a real treat to see so many villagers and visitors from far and wide enjoying the afternoon. There are pictures in your copy of the July edition of Collyweston News that convey the atmosphere.

Obviously, an event such as this does not just happen; without the input and assistance of all concerned it could not work. So, to all those who donated raffle and tombola prizes, bric-a-brac, made cakes for the competition and consumption, helped with the stalls and came and spent the money, to Werner who happily beavers away in the bric-a-brac tent, many thanks. Not wishing to single out too many individuals – but without the good offices of Denis and Bodie for the marquees and barbecue, and Gary Barlow for the PA, it would not happen.

‘The Shantymen’ provided a musical background and the occasion was also used for The Village Shop to hand over generous donations to village organisations as has been done for many years; on behalf of the recipients, many thanks to our lovely little shop. (Still looking for volunteers!)

The Second Sunday afternoon service, at 4.00pm on Sunday 8th July, will be a Pet Service. Please bring along your pet – dog, cat, parrot, goldfish, lamb, camel – and let them know how much help they are to us. Tea and cakes afterwards for the humans, bring your own treats for the pets!

On a more sombre note it was distressing to hear that Des Knapp died on the day of the Fete. Desmond was for a long time a member of the church choir, and a regular attender with his lovely baritone voice. He will be sadly missed.

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens


June 2018         

Don’t forget the Village Fete on Sunday 3rd June starting at 12 noon. If you’ve anything to donate and no one has been to collect it, or it has not been delivered, then ring 444662 and we’ll come and get it. Tombola and Raffle prizes are welcome as well as entries for the ‘Bake Off’ and cup-cakes for the children to decorate. There is no need to cater on that day – there will be a barbecue and teas as well as a bar!

Our “Second Sunday” Evening Prayer services seem to be coming on well with a few more folks each time, and a cup of tea and a cake afterwards gives people time to mingle and have a chat. The Service this month is on 10th June at 4.00pm. The service for July will be a “Pet Service” – please bring along your furry or feathered friends and let them join in! We have held these services in the past and they have been most enjoyable. No excuses that your pet may make a noise or be badly behaved, this is what pets are!

On a more sombre note, you will be aware that the church doors have been open on a daily business for some time. It’s obvious from the comments that we have received that this goes down well with visitors to the village and parishioners themselves. Unfortunately, person/s unknown seem to think that the offertory box is a useful source of small change and on several occasions has been emptied. If the consciences of the miscreants are pricking, that would be a good thing and might encourage them to return what might be considered to be a loan!

I’m sure that you would all like to say Happy Birthday to our Priest in Charge, Philip, who celebrated a milestone last month! (Not saying which one, but it was the first Aldermaston March that year and also the opening of Gatwick Airport…)

See you at the Fete!
Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens


May 2018          

At last, some warm sunny weather to cheer us all up! How much better everywhere looks when the sun is shining. Mother Nature’s bounty is once again apparent in the lovely spring colours which are emerging now. Gardeners are active again and trying to catch up on all those jobs which would have already been done if the weather had given us a little encouragement. I still recall a story from primary school days of how the wind competed with the sun to make a little boy take off  his coat; the more the wind blew, the more buttons the little boy did up, but when the sun shone, off came the coat!

The Annual Church Meeting was held on the 18th of last month. A rather low attendance was recorded and the churchwardens and PCC officers remain in post for a further 12 months.

You will notice that there are 2 extra services on the list this month. There is a communion service for Ascencion Day at Laxton at 7.30pm on Thursday 10th and a short service of prayers entitled “Thy Kingdon Come” at 9.30pm here at St Andrew’s on Tuesday 15th. This is part of the “Archbishop’s Call to Prayer” and is part of a nine day circle of prayer throughout the country.

The village fete rapidly approaches. It’s on Sunday 3rd June from noon onwards. This age-old traditional event will have all the usual attractions of games, teas and a barbecue and relies on your support and some reasonable weather to make it the success it has been in the past.

There will also be the Great Collyweston Bake-Off to judge the best cake of any description, which will then be consumed as part of the teas. If you don’t enter we have nothing to eat for tea! Donations are also requested for the bric-a-brac stall and Tombola and Raffles. We are a little short of collectors for these items, so if you have donations to make and they have not been collected they can be brought to The Hermitage in the days leading up to the Fete.

If you callk 444662 it will be possible to arrange collection and the same number applies for more details of the Bake-Off. Naturally, any offers of assistance for the day itself will be gratefully received.

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens


April 2018           

Easter is now upon us and it would be nice to think that the snow is behind us and the sun will want to start to warm things up!

Easter Sunday is the most important day in the Church’s year; unfortunately it is largely overshadowed by the commercialism of Christmas (which we all enjoy of course!) but it seems that there are moves afoot in certain quarters to decorate a tree for the event with baubles and other goodies. I don’t think that it has got here fully as yet, though.

We shall celebrate with a service of Holy Communion here at Collyweston at 10.00am. Normally the first Sunday would be a Benefice Service at Kings Cliffe but all the stops have been pulled out to make sure that each parish in the Benefice has a service on this most important of days.

The time has come to elect churchwardens and members of the PCC at the Church Annual Meeting which will be in the church on Wednesday 18th April at 7.00pm. If you would like to be considered as a churchwarden or become a member of the Parochial Church Council you are very welcome. Please come along and see what happens. To be a PCC member you do need to be on the Church Electoral Roll but that is a formality easily overcome.

You will notice that the service of Evening Prayer on 8th April also has an Easter Egg Hunt; details are here – but it will culminate at this service and there will no doubt be a cup of tea and a cake to be had afterwards!

Finally, as a date for your diary, the Village Fete has been provisionally scheduled for Sunday 3rd June.


March 2018          

We are now in the Church’s season of Lent and spring is well on the way. How much better everything in the countryside looks after the dark cold days of winter!

We have Mothering Sunday to look forward to this month and there will be a special service to mark the event on Sunday 11th at 4.00pm. Please come along and kids, bring your mothers to show how much they mean to you.

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of the final lead-up to Easter when palms will be distributed to mark the occasion, culminating in Easter Sunday itself on April 1st. There will of course be an Easter Celebration on that day at 10.00am and the Church should be full of flowers after the bare days of Lent.

Easter is probably the beginning of the holiday season, so for those who are going away, may you have a wonderful time.

The logs that were in the churchyard following the removal of the pine tree near the porch have all now disappeared. Let’s hope you have a good warm from them, and think of St Andrew as they blaze! To those of you who have made donations for them, many thanks.

The Church is now left open every day (provided we remember whose turn it is to open it!) from around 10.00am until 4.00pm or so. Please take advantage of this and come and spend a little time there. It is a calming experience just to sit there and reflect on all the good things we enjoy in our lives, and ask in our minds for help with these other problems that do not seem to want to go away. Try it, you may surprise yourself!

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens


February 2018           * You will now find that the church will be open every day
………………………………………….from around 10am till 4pm, for visitors and quiet
………………………………………….reflection. Please avail yourselves of this facility. *

February again! I suppose that we are coming out of the worst of winter; the days seem to be that much longer and there are signs of spring beginning to show, with daffodils showing through and the thoughts of broad bean planting are beginning.

You will see from the Services listings that we shall have another 4.00pm service of Evening Prayer, this time on the 2nd Sunday of the month. The format for this service has not really become settled as yet, and we still need your input as to how it should be performed. It was introduced as a less formal service for all the family, without Holy Communion, so do come along and see how it goes – and what input you can give.

It is at this time of year that the Treasurer of the PCC is either breathing a sigh of relief or chewing the end off his pencil as to whether we have found enough money in the coffers to pay our Parish Share. This money, which goes to provide clergy and diocesan services, is always a drain on finances – but without it we would have no church in the parish. Just imagine: no baptisms, no weddings, no funerals, nowhere to go for a little reflection when we feel the need, no Village Fete or St Andrew’s Night supper.

To keep all this going costs us at least £5,000 per year, a sum which takes an awful lot of finding, and which without some subsidy from the Benefice we would be unable to meet. The total Share over the Benefice of 6 parishes is more than £65,000. So, if anyone feels that they could help with a regular donation, however small, our Treasurer would love to hear from you.

Timber! At the beginning of January the pine tree outside the church porch was felled; it had been under threat for some time and the Parish Council (as opposed to the Parochial Church Council), under whose jurisdiction the maintenance of the churchyard falls, managed to fund its removal. Consequently there is a large quantity of firewood available. This is free to any parishioner for their own – as opposed to commercial – use on a ‘come and get it’ basis. A word of warning: you will need a means of splitting some of the larger pieces, and although there is no charge for this wood, a donation to church funds would be greatly appreciated!

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens

January 2018

Due to the constraints of the season, this update is being written before we have even held the Carol Service – but no doubt it will have gone well and provided a special start to Christmas. The carolling round the village was unfortunately curtailed due to a shortage of singers but we hope those that did hear us enjoyed it and we thank you for your generosity.

Let’s hope you have enjoyed The Festive Season and are now looking forward to the New Year – whilst wondering how to pay for last year’s excesses!

The quinquennial inspection of the church is not yet completed so we still await with trepidation the outcome.

We are now in the season of Epiphany which celebrates the baptism of Christ and his presentation at the Temple, but otherwise, there is not much to look forward to in terms of special events as yet, so without further ado may we wish you a happy and prosperous New Year with good health to enjoy it.

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens         30th December 2017

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December 2017

Where has the year gone? It seems no time at all since last Christmas and here we are again. There are so many things happening in the next few weeks that it seems there is no time to fit it all in.

Following our St Andrews Supper on 2nd December, we look forward to the Candlelit Carol Service on Sunday 17th December at 4.00pm. Hopefully this time will mean that the children can join in before tea and bedtime, and there will still be time for grown-ups to get to The Slater for the Quiz! If any children have been involved in school Christmas plays and they still have their costumers, please come along dressed up in them. It all adds to the atmosphere! And don’t forget to bring a candle and holder as well.

There will be no services here on Sunday 24th but there will be two at Kings Cliffe – a Crib Service at 4.00pm and Midnight Mass at 11.30pm.

On Christmas morning there will be a service of Holy Communion at 10.00am. This should mean that you have had time to open a few presents and still have time afterwards to get the dinner on.

We also hope to be singing carols around parts of the village on Wednesday 13th. If you feel like joining in, we shall meet at The Slater at 6.30pm. If you can’t make it, do keep an ear out for those hardy choristers who will be begging for money for the village church!

By the way, the church will be open for decorating on Friday and Saturday, 15th and 16th, from around 9.30pm.

May we wish you all a Happy and Peaceful Christmas and ask you to spend a moment or two to remind yourselves of the meaning behind all this festivity and jollity.

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens


November 2017

It must be nearly winter now. Clocks have gone back, holidays over and the beginnings of the commercial build up to Christmas!

November this year sees the commencement of the dreaded Quinquennial Inspection, the five yearly check on the condition of the church’s fabric. We await the outcome with trepidation and bated breath!

This month, on a lighter note, we celebrate the feast of our Patron Saint, Andrew, with a “Songs of Praise” service which will be held at 4.00pm on Sunday 26th. If you have any favourite hymns please let us know. As a further celebration we shall hold our annual celebration supper on Saturday 2nd December in the Barn at Collyweston House. Tickets are £8.00 each and those who have been before can testify to a wonderful evening of great food and a wonderful atmosphere. Tickets available from Peter Sauntson or from the village shop.

As a note for your diaries, our Candlelit Carol Service will be on Sunday 17th December at 4.00pm with the Benefice Choir. If you can’t wait to get into the seasonal spirit there will be a Benefice Carol Service at 10.30am on Sunday 3rd December at King’s Cliffe and a Christingle Service at 4.00pm on the same day at Laxton.


October 2017

On 17 September we celebrated our Harvest Festival; whilst not a packed congregation, it was a delightful service with plenty of children to help out with readings and the carrying of harvest offerings. Tea was served afterwards and everyone had the opportunity for a good old gossip. Many thanks to all who decorated the church and all those who took part.

New service times     As has been mentioned previously we have revised the times of our services with effect from this month. You will see from the service details that the Benefice service, on the first Sunday of the month at King’s Cliffe usually, will be at 10.30 and not 10.00am.
Services on the 2nd, 3rd and – if there is one – 5th Sunday will be Holy Communion at 9.00am.
On the 4th Sunday there will be Evening Prayer at 4.00pm. This latter service is to cater for those who would like to come more often but do not necessarily feel that the formality of a Eucharist is quite their thing. There are no strict formats laid down for the afternoon service so it may well vary from time to time to make it more family-friendly. Let’s give it a whirl and see how we go; your input will be most welcome.

These revised times are to make better use of the time of our priests and readers, giving them time to get from one venue to another without having to rush away at the end of one service to get to one in another parish.

The last service this month will be the final one before the build-up to Advent so look out: Christmas is not far away!

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens


September 2017

The problem with the removal of the leaning tree against the Back Lane wall of the churchyard has now been resolved and the tree removed, by using the churchyard for access rather than the road. as far as is known, no repeat of the last attempt’s unpleasantness from motorists was encountered.

Harvest Festival: this will be on Sunday 17th September at 4.00pm. The service will be led by our reader, David Teal, assisted by Reverend Philip Davies. There will be tea afterwards. No doubt Deirdre will be encouraging all those who usually take part in decorating the church to continue with their good works! If you would like to help, please contact her. There’s always room for more volunteers.

Ride and Stride: The Northamptonshire Historic Churches Trust’s annual event is on Saturday 9th September (not Sunday as in last month’s article). The function raises money by sponsored walking or cycling round as many churches in the county as you feel able. Of the money raised, half goes to the Trust and half to the church of your choice. By taking part in the event we are entitled to claim grant assistance from the organisation. In previous years the response from Collyweston has been less than brilliant but maybe this year… details from Peter if you’re interested.

Service times: In order to make it simpler for our limited supply of priests and readers some changes are proposed, from October. There will continue to be a service every Sunday, apart from the Benefice Service on the first Sunday of each month at King’s Cliffe at 10.30am. Services at Collyweston will be at 9.00am on the second, third, and if there is one, the fifth Sunday with an evening service on the fourth Sunday at 4.00pm. It is felt that the evening service will be an opportunity for those who do not wish to attend Communion to be able to take part more easily. There is the facility to vary this service such as a more orientated one, or just an Evensong. Let’s see how it goes.

Lastly, a big thank you to Brian Andrews who recently renovated the Church Gate notice board. It looks splendid with its understated gold lettering and classic ‘Middlemarch Green’ colouring. (When the film was made in Stamford, some years back, everything seemed to be this colour!)

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens

August 2017

You will have seen that the leaning yes tree in Back Lane still has to be removed. The Parish Council arranged for this to be done early last month and the contractors duly arrived to carry out the work. Unfortunately, due to the impatience of some motorists who were not prepared to have themselves put out, and who insisted on squeezing past, the workers considered it too dangerous to continue. Consequently, the full rigmarole of official official Road Closure procedures will now have to take place at a cost that the council cannot afford. So, thanks to the selfishness of a few people – NOT, I might add, from Collyweston – the tree remains in a dangerous condition.

As was mentioned a month ago, Bishop John Flack is to retire this month, so the Benefice service for August will be held at Easton on the Hill at 10.00am on Sunday 6th August. It would be nice if as many of our parishioners as possible could attend his final service in the benefice, to say farewell to him.

A note for your diary: Harvest Festival will be on Sunday 17th September at 4.00pm. There will be tea and cakes afterwards.

If you are a cyclist – or indeed a walker – the Northampton Historic Churches Trust is holding its annual “Ride and Stride” on Sunday 9th September. This sponsored event raises money for the Trust by persons cycling or walking between as many Northamptonshire churches as the participant feels they can manage. If we take part by opening our church and entering participants, we are eligible to ask the Trust for grant aid for certain projects. We have taken part for many years but the response from Collyweston has been poor to say the least. If anyone out there feels that they can help, information is available from Peter on 444662.

There are many improvements that we would like to make to the church building itself, not the least of which would be to provide toilet facilities and a small kitchen area. This is obviously a major task as there is no water or drainage on site! Therefore lots of money and/or grants would be required. In the meantime, the dreaded parish share (where have we heard that before?) rears its ugly head. No matter, our treasurer assures me that if everyone in the parish were to contribute £9 per year we would be able to pay it! Think about it, please.

Deirdre and Peter, church wardens

July 2017

The year rolls on apace; the longest day is pat and we are now half way through 2017!

The Village Fete for the church was held on June 3rd and what a splendid day it was! The sunshine managed to come at just the right time and we had a super turnout which helped us to make a profit in the order of £1,400.

This is due in no small measure to the enthusiasm of the helpers, the generosity of all those who donated prizes and bric-a-brac, made cakes for the competition and of course a lovely sunny day. There is no more encouraging sight than people buzzing around, chatting to new and old friends and colleagues and generally enjoying themselves. A huge thank you to you all.

Sadly, we missed David Close, whose assistance was always there for us. There will be a big hold in village life following his passing.

The income from the event is vital to the survival of the church in this village; there are no magic funds from the government or the diocese – we have to pay for it all ourselves. If we wish to keep it, we have to find the money to do it. If you feel that you could help by a small regular donation, our treasurer Dr Chris Brookings has all the information to hand.

On another sad note, Bishop John Flack retires and moves away from his home in Easton on the Hill during August. His final service in the Benefice will be at Easton on August 6th at 10.00am, where we shall all be made welcome. Bishop John is a charming and humorous man with a prodigious knowledge of all things ecclesiastical (and much more besides) and we shall all miss him greatly. If you would like to make a donation towards his leaving gift please pass it to our treasurer or one of the churchwardens.
– Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens

June 2017

Nearly half the year gone already! Where did it go? June is the month of our Village Fete in aid of Church funds. It will be on Saturday 3rd June starting at 12.00 noon until about 4.30pm or until everything has gone, whichever comes first.

We need your input! The occasion can only be as good as the effort that we all put into it, whether by helping, donating or merely attending. Folks will be coming round to collect any donations you care to make towards raffle and tombola prizes and items of bric-a-brac you may have put on one side. There are not many of us out there to do the collecting and we have already been to some of you – so if you have not so far been approached, do not feel left out. Just drop anything you have to give at The Hermitage, 12 High Street (opposite the shop).

There is the Great Collyweston Bake Off again. There is no particular theme this year, so just knock up your favourite cake and bring it along by 11.45 on the morning of the event; the more the better. The examples we have had in previous years have been superb – but don’t be put off by thinking that you are only an average baker. It’s all anonymous apart from the winner. Judging will take place at noon. There is no fee for entering but it is assumed that you will leave your artwork to be consumed for the teas!

There is no need to worry about lunch either, as there will be a barbecue and bar to sate your appetites. Obviously there will be the old favourite games and competitions to enjoy as well as the bric-a-brac bargains, whilst working up an appetite for tea.

A whole afternoon of fun and no cost to enter and a great chance to catch up on all those folks that you have not had a proper chat with since this time last year.

– Deirdre and Peter, church wardens (still!)

May 2017

By the time you read this we shall have held our Annual Church Meeting at which Churchwardens and PCC members are appointed. It may be jumping the gun a little but at the time of writing we had had no nominations for the posts of Churchwarden – so the current incumbents are likely to be still in place; any changes will be notified.

May is, to me, the most beautiful month of the year when the evenings are longer and the temperature is climbing towards its summer best; the greens of the leaves are at their most beautiful and the vegetables have taken on a new lease of life.

This is also the time of year to remind everyone that The Village Fete, in aid of the church, will be held at the beginning of June, Saturday 3rd to be exact, from 12.00 noon. The format is likely to follow previous successful events with a bar, barbecue, raffles, tombolas and games. Once again there will be the “Great Collyweston Bake Off” (which has not changed channels!). Prospective entrants should deliver their efforts to The Hermitage in time for them to be judged soon after midday, so that they can be consumed as part of the teas. No cakes, no teas! Details should be in the June edition of Collyweston News  as well as the What’s On web page… but if in doubt, ring Peter on 444662.

The Fete, apart from being an essential fundraiser for the church, is also a good time for folks to get together for a good old catch-up and gossip. We do, however, need lots of help to put it together, collect any donations and to help generally. If you think you can be of assistance, once again ring 444662. Hopefully there will be people calling round to collect any donations you may have towards the tombola, boozola, raffle and bric-á-brac stall. But if you miss them, please leave donations at the Hermitage – which is half way down High Street, on the right.

Deirdre and Peter, church wardens 

April 2017

Spring has now officially started and as this was being written (still in March) a distinctly colder period seems to have arrived also! However, this can be a wonderful time of the year with new growth in the gardens and hedgerows round about.

It is also Easter Day on Sunday 16th and we shall celebrate this with a service at (note the different time). Other services around the benefice for the Easter period are at King’s Cliffe at 8.00pm on Maundy Thursday and 2.00pm on Good Friday at Bulwick.

I notice that some supermarkets are trying to promote Easter in much the same way as Christmas has become commercialised. Whilst drawing attention to the Festival it would be an awful shame if it were to become just another spendfest like the aforementioned Christmas, “Mother’s Day” and Valentine’s Day extravaganzas. If it’s likely to draw attention to the real meaning of Easter, perhaps it’s no bad thing after all.

This month also sees the Annual Church Meeting and first PCC meeting of the new Church Year. It will be in Church on Wednesday 26th at 7.00pm. It is at this meeting that churchwardens and PCC members are appointed. Everyone is very welcome to attend; we desperately need new people to become involved in the running of the church to give us a better feeling of what people expect from it. If you have ideas for new services or other things that you feel the Church should be involved in we have no way of knowing unless you tell us. It may seem to you that it is the same old faces that are running things – but that is only because you have not come forward to offer other, maybe better, options. Being a Churchwarden is not a job for life any more than being a member of the Parochial Church Council. See you there!

The 100 Club year starts again this month and those who have participated before will shortly be contacted to renew their involvement. If anyone else would like to join in please contact our treasurer, Dr Chris Brookings – his number is on page 11 of the April edition of Collyweston News. The more people involved, the better the prize money, and it only costs £1 per month. (To save a lot of leg work we ask that you pay for the year in advance.) It does make a worthwhile contribution to our funds and three people benefit from a cash win each month. First prize is around £25.

As a final plea, without your support the Church cannot continue. We do not ask that you commit yourself to attending every week. But just a few more folk there on the occasional Sunday would make a whole lot of difference. The fact that it is there at all times, for everyone – be it weddings, baptisms, funerals, or just some quiet time to reflect on things – is something we all should cherish.

Last but not least, don’t forget to make a note of the Village Fete on Saturday 3rd June!

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens


March 2017

March sees the beginning of Lent, that period of reflection leading up to Good Friday, the Crucifixion of Jesus and Easter Day his Resurrection.

It is a sombre season as far as the Church is concerned; the altar colours are a subdued purple and there are no flowers on display. A notable exception to this is on Mothering Sunday and we shall celebrate this on March 26th with a Family Service at 4.00pm.

We hae had a few services at this time on previous occasions and the format seems to work well. There will be tea afterwards! The emphasis is on Family Service, so all ages are invited to attend ajoin in even if you can’t bring Mother along; after all we each have benefited from our mothers at some time or another!

Whilst on the subject of services, we are constantly looking for new ideas to encourage greater participation in the church; if you have any preferences please let us know so that we can try to tailor or programme to suit.

Our Rector Philip Davies, in last month’s issue, mentioned The Lumo Project. This is a film based on the Gospel of Matthew which will hopefully be shown in four parts during March. This will take place in Kings Cliffe church where there is a large screen and projection facilities are available.

The first part of the film will be shown on Tuesday 14th March and then again on Thursday 16th March at 8pm. Viewings for the subsequent two parts of the film will follow on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

After each part of the film is shown, there will be time to talk about and to consider and talk together about what we have seen. Each session ending by 9.30pm.

I know that it is a little early, but would you please make a note in your diaries that the Village Fete will be held on Saturday 3rd June this year.

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens

February 2017

Welcome to February, a month that is somewhere in the middle of things. It is still winter but there are signs of spring on the horizon: daffodils and snowdrops are beginning to come out of hibernation and the nights are getting shorter.

It is at this time of year when the treasurer of the Parochial Church Council is scratching his head and sharpening his pencil to try and find sufficient funds to meet the infamous ‘Parish Share’. This is an annual sum paid to the Diocese to keep an active church in the parish. It is nothing to do with the maintenance, insurance, electricity or any of the numerous other costs involved in running any building or organisation, it is a levy by the Diocese to enable us to keep the ministry going here on a regular basis. It pays our share of priestly salaries and contributes to the running of the Diocese among other things. We are fortunate in having a number of retired clergy to help out and they do it for little other than travel expenses and usually not even that.

Our Parish Share for 2016 amounted to a little under #5000 despite being given a hefty contribution from the King’s Cliffe Benefice, of which we are a part, of almost the same amount to enable us to meet that commitment.

As you can imagine, this sum takes some finding from our small circle of regular givers and whilst this is not a begging letter (yet) hopefully it will raise an awareness in parishioners of the struggle to keep this beautiful church open for all the other things we have come to expect such as baptisms, weddings, funerals, and somewhere for quiet meditation. In round terms, if each member of the parish were to commit to donating £10 per annum our troubles would be almost over!

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens


January 2017

Happy New Year to you all. Let’s hope that Christmas was all that you wanted it to be and that we had time to reflect on the true meaning of the word holiday or Holy Day.

This is obviously being written before the Great Day itself as deadlines for printing have to be met so if some of it does not reflect what actually happened, sorry!

I can report that St Andrew’s Night was a great success once again and thank you to all those who contributed to making it so. As yet I do not know how many people we shall have for the village carol singing nor even the Carol Service itself but if previous years are any guide both should be good evenings.

We are now in the season of Epiphany when the Wise Men from the east came to visit the new born child. (How come if they came from the east and saw the star in the east they ended up in Bethlehem in the west? Answers on a postcard, please!)

For our services this month we are privileged to host Bishop John Flack on the day of Epiphany itself at 9.15 and again on 22nd of January at 11.00. It is worth making every effort to attend on these occasions as the Bishop is a most delightful fellow and always provides an entertaining and sincere service.

Once again, Happy New Year and let us hope and pray that it is all that you hope for.

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens

December 2016

Suddenly everything seems to be coming at once! There are so many things going on between now and Christmas that it feels as though there is no time to do anything.

By the time you read this no doubt the brussels will have been on for a while and Stir-Up Sunday has just gone so the mince pies and Christmas pud should be sorted by now!

We enjoyed a wonderful concert given by the Stamford Girls School Choir Cantare on 12th November. Once again the church echoed to those splendid young voices and gladdened the hearts of those who were there.

Our other celebration in November, St Andrew’s Night was another great evening.

Our Christmas services start with the Candelit Carol Service on 18th December. Please note the new time of 4.00pm. Hopefully this will mean that the children can join in before tea and bedtime and there will also be plenty of time to get the The Collyweston Slater for the quiz. If any children have been involved in Christmas plays at school and still have their costumes, please come along in them to add to the atmosphere. Don’t forget to bring a candle as well!

There will be a Family Communion on Christmas Day itself at 10.00am, not too early but still time to get the dinner ready. We also hope to be singing carols in the village on Thursday 15th. If you fancy joining in, meet at The Slater at 6.30pm. If not, keep your ears open for the singers and be ready to cheer them on (with a small donation of course).

May we wish you all a very happy and peaceful Christmas and let us remind ourselves of the meaning behind all these festivities and jollity.

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens

November 2016

Winter is rapidly approaching as the Church’s year nears its end. The new year starts with Advent Sunday on 29th November; the clocks have already gone back and Christmas is round the corner!

However, there are things to fit in before then. There will be a concert by Cantare, the Stamford Girls’ School Choir, in church at 7pm on Saturday November 12th. This choir is a regular visitor and their delightful programmes are a pure joy to listen to. Ticket price remains the same as previous years at £10.00 and includes wine and canapés.

The next day, the 13th, is Remembrance Sunday and we shall be holding an Act of Remembrance at 10.45am before the Holy Communion at 11am.

Towards the month’s end, on the 26th, is our St Andrew’s Night celebration in The Barn at Collyweston House. Tickets for this wonderful evening are only £8.00 which includes a splendid supper and perhaps a competition or two. Tickets for this and the Cantare evening are available from Peter (444662) or the village shop. The following day we shall celebrate the feast of St Andrew, our patron saint, at 11.00am. It would be nice if all those attending the function on the previous evening were at church too!

Much further ahead, our Carol Service is on December 18th at the more family-friendly time of 4pm, so there will be plenty of time to get the children’s supper afterwards if they haven’t already filled up on the mince pies after the service.

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens

October 2016

The Harvest Festival was on a beautiful day and as usual the Church looked splendid with its magnificent displays of flowers and vegetables. The efforts of those who did the arrangements were rewarded with a well attended service in the afternoon followed by tea and sandwiches and time to chat afterwards.

Thanks must go to all those who arranged the displays and the tea – and special thanks to all the children that took part in the celebrations by taking baskets of produce, seeds and soil up to the chancel to be blessed. It was a heart warming sight.

The service was a bit of an experiment in its contents and timing; if the style and time of 4 o’clock in the afternoon were to your liking, please let u s know. We review from time to time our service provision and content and would be pleased to try and arrange things to suit all people. So, if an afternoon service or an evensong is more to your liking, or an event more suited to families with younger children, we are here to listen – and act!

Remember that on November 12th there will be a concert by the Cantare choir in church; details to follow.

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens

September 2016

As we announced last month, our Assistant Priest Karin Voth Harman has left in search of pastures new in Cherry Hinton (still St Andrew’s) in Cambridgeshire. Her Licensing and Installation takes place on 8th September at 7.00pm.

It’s Harvest Festival time again and we shall celebrate that “All is safely gathered in” on September 18th at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, followed by afternoon tea in the Church. We have decided to hold the service in the afternoon in the hope that more people and their families will be able to come. If this time for a service proves more convenient for people to attend, then we may have more services in the afternoons, particularly during the late autumn and winter.

Another reminder that the Northamptonshire Historic Churches Trust annual “Ride and Stride” will take place on Saturday 10th September. The idea behind this sponsored event is that participants, either on bicycles or on foot, visit as many churches in the county as they can. Funds raised are split between the Trust and the local church. Our church will be open as usual to take part as it means that should we at any time wish to approach the Trust for any grants, as a participating church we become eligible.

As the efforts of the GB Olympic cycling team have shown, we are becoming a nation of wheelers, so on yer bikes please!

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens

August 2016

Our Assistant Priest, Karin, has now left to take up pastures new in Cambridgeshire so there will be a few changes in the list of clergy who take the services in the Benefice, most notably more frequent attendances by Bishop John Flack. There are not too many village parish churches that get regular visits from a Bishop so keep an eye on the service details and try to visit when he is here to make him welcome. Bishop John is a very pleasant fellow and certainly not the stuffy kind of chap that one might expect. He lives in the rectory at Easton and will be with us next on Sunday August 14th at 9.15am.

As dates for your autumn diary, please note that the Harvest Festival will be on September 18th at 4.00pm, followed by tea in the church. There will be no service in the morning so we hope that this new time will be a success. If this time of day works out well we may have more of our services in the afternoons.

Later still, on November 12th, we shall be hosting another concert from Cantare, the Stamford Girls’ School choir; they are regular visitors now to Collyweston and deliver a wonderful mixture of instrumental and choral work and well known songs from the musical theatre. There will also be St Andrew’s night to look forward to later in the month.

Calling all cyclists!

On September 10th the Northamptonshire Historic Churches Trust is holding their annual “Ride and Stride”. This is a sponsored event to visit as many or as few Northamptonshire churches as a cyclist or pedestrian can manage on that day. Our church will be open again this year to take part as it has been for the last several occasions but we have had few, if any, entrants from Collyweston. The funds raised are split between the Trust and the village church and by us taking part it means that we could be eligible for any grant requests in future. If you’d like to take part, further details and sponsorship forms are available from Peter Sauntson.

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens

July 2016

What is the difference between reign and rain? Every time we celebrate anything to do with Her Majesty there seems to be a conflict! Nevertheless the Fete, in her honour was a great success; numbers were down a little and the money made from the occasion will reflect that – but it was a very good event despite the weather. Although there was always the threat that there could be more serious rain than we actually received, the function went on and everyone who attended appeared to be enjoying themselves. It must say something for the stoicism of Collyweston folk that, once people have decided to enjoy themselves, nothing is going to get in the way!

Many thanks to all who attended, those who helped with the collecting, assembling the marquees, the games and the stalls and to those who cheerfully manned them.

The “Great Collyweston Bake Off” was once again a wonderful display of culinary skills shown by people of all ages from children to experienced adults, the Fancy Dress revealed costume techniques hitherto unknown and the children’s painting competition, whilst not that well supported, showed that there are hidden talents yet to be discovered – and the teas were magnificent.

The Church was resplendent in its glory of floral arrangements commemorating the Queen’s reign and congratulations to all those who rose to the challenge.

Again, thanks to everyone who helped to make the Fete another success. Without your support for this event it would be very difficult for us to afford to keep our Church going; thanks to those who helped in any way and those who generously contributed to the tombola and raffle prizes, bric-a-brac and helped out on the day and with all the behind the scenes work without which this would not happen.

Sadly, the Benefice service on July 3rd at Kings Cliffe will be the last appearance of Reverend Karin Voth Harman who will be leaving the Benefice to take up the post of Priest at Cherry Hinton in Cambridgeshire. Her Induction Service will be on September 8th and there will be several of us going to cheer her on. If you would like to go, please let one of us know so that transport can be arranged and accommodation made at the service. Please come along to Kings Cliffe on July 3rd for her swansong to the Benefice.

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens

June 2016

No doubt the major item this month has to be the Village Fete, Queen’s Birthday celebration and Flower Festival, which will take place on Sunday 12th June and the Flower Festival on Saturday and Sunday, 11th and 12th. The theme for the Flower Festival is The Queen’s Reign and will be well worth a visit; the church will be open from 10am on Saturday and all day Sunday. Why not combine a visit to the church, take in the Communion Service at 9.15am and pop along to the Fete for lunch?

The Fete starts at 12 noon in The Hermitage Garden (across the High Street from the village shop) and includes a bar, barbecue and teas, so there is no need to cater at home that day! You will have seen that the Great Collyweston Bake Off is also scheduled. Cakes should have a Royal Birthday theme and entries delivered to The Hermitage by 11am ready to be judged and displayed before being consumed in the teas.

There is also the Fancy Dress competition with its Kings and Queens theme. Contact Glenis for details. In addition there is a painting competition for the children and if you have not already obtained your Quiz Book, which also has prizes, they are available from the shop or The Slater.

We can never have enough volunteers for this event; if you can assist in any way by collecting for the raffles and tombolas, bric-á-brac or helping to set up and run the games and stalls please do not feel embarrassed to come forward; it can be a wonderful afternoon but only with have lots of help and visitors.

If you have any donations to make please leave them at The Hermitage (preferably with your name on so that we don’t duplicate efforts) or contact us to arrange collection.

On a sad note, Reverend Karin Voth Harman will be leaving the Benefice shortly to take up the position of Parish Priest in Cambridgeshire. We shall miss her cheery countenance and good humour as well as the services she has conducted for us – but we wish her well in her new venture.

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens

May 2016

We recently held our Annual Church Meeting and election of officers. Not much of an election as there weren’t too many candidates but the result was that the Churchwardens are still Deirdre Spall and Peter Sauntson, the Treasurer is Dr Chris Brookings and the Secretary is Shelagh Busby. Let us hope that between us we can continue to maintain both the building and congregation for another year!

Please take a note of the services this coming month; as usual the first Sunday service is a Benefice Service at Kings Cliffe, but on Ascension Day, Thursday 5th May at 7.30pm, there will be a Service of Confirmation and Holy Communion presided over by Bishop John Flack. It would be good to see a large congregation to welcome these new communicants from the Diocese here at St Andrews. Please also note that there will be no service here on Trinity Sunday 22nd May, this being replaced by Holy Communion at Easton at 10am, again presided over by Bishop John Flack.

The Village Fete and Queen’s (official) birthday celebration will be on Sunday June 12th starting at midday. As well as the usual attractions of a barbecue, bar and splendid teas and jolly games, raffles, tombolas etc there will again be the Great Collyweston Bake Off, this year with the theme “A Cake fit for a Queen”. This has become a splendid competition of late and as many entrants as possible are needed to make sure that there is enough cake for the teas! Contact Sarah Jane and leave a message for more info.

There is also a Fancy Dress at which all are welcome to take part. Contact Glenis for more details; it is also hoped to hold a children’s painting competition, details later. To crown it all there will be a Flower Festival at the Church over the weekend, details from Deirdre, decorators needed!

Winners of the quiz/competitions will also be announced on the day.

As always at these events a shortage of helpers is apparent; if you can help in any way by running a stall, collecting or making donations towards bric-a-brac, raffles or tombola, your help will be greatly appreciated.

Deirdre and Peter, (still) churchwardens

April 2016

Spring is now well underway and what a pleasure it is to see the daffodils and snowdrops looking their best.

The season of Easter is now upon us and let us hope that everyone is feeling just that little uplifted having celebrated the Resurrection of our Lord in our beautifully decorated and recarpeted Church; many thanks to all who made such an effort.

The Church holds its annual meeting on Tuesday 12th April at 7.30pm in the church itself. This is your opportunity to come along and take part in the elections for churchwardens and members of the PCC.

If you would like to stand for the office of churchwarden or become a PCC member please get in touch in good time. To be either a churchwarden or PCC member it is necessary that you are on the church electoral roll – so if you wish to take on any of these duties, and there is always room for new members and new ideas, again please get in touch.

Technically, one has to have been on the electoral roll for six months but willing applicants need not be put off by that. Please think hard about joining in; none of the current participants are getting any younger so some fresh blood would be welcome!

Later this month, on Thursday 21st, is Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th birthday and this will be commemorated both then and again on her official birthday June 12th when our Fete will be used as a celebration. Please put the Fete date in your diary and be prepared to come along and enjoy yourselves and enter the celebratory cake competition, fancy dress and all the other things that make up a jolly village event.

A “Family Queen’s Birthday Quiz” book has been produced for the occasion and will be on sale in the shop and at the pub shortly. Prize winners will be announced at the Fete and prizes include a dinner for two at the Slater.

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens


This month starts with Mothering Sunday, and ends with Easter Sunday. Easter is a special time, as important as Christmas to all Christians, and you will see that throughout the Benefice there will be services during Holy Week to celebrate.

You will all be aware that this year is the Queen’s ninetieth birthday and there will be celebrations throughout the country to mark the occasion. Collyweston will be no exception. Her Majesty enjoys two birthdays each year – her actual birthday (April 21st) and her official one (June 12th). There will be a beacon lit in April along with others throughout the land and we have decided to celebrate by holding the Village Fete on Sunday 12th June. There will be added features this year to make the Fete even more special and details will be published in due course. Please make a note of the dates so you don’t miss out.

The Annual Church Meeting will be in church on April 12th at 7.30pm and is open to all.

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens


Christmas and New Year are now well behind us and Lent begins this month. Several of us will continue the tradition of giving up some pleasure or other for Lent but the recently introduced “Dry January” has only just passed and the thought of giving up the evening snifter yet again does weigh heavily on the faithful!

Our new carpet has now been fitted and very splendid it looks too; why not pop along to one (or more) of our services and have a look for yourselves. It may seem an extravagance, when we are always pleading poverty, but the money has come from a different account from the day to day running costs and much of it has been donated specially. It has given a whole new look to the church’s interior and will make a superb setting for anyone considering a wedding in the near future.

Sadly, the mother of our Priest in Charge, Reverend Philip Davies, died in January; our thoughts, prayers and sympathy are extended to him and his family at this difficult time.

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens

January 2016

It’s hard to imagine, but this was written halfway through December when we had yet to celebrate anything!

What can be said, however, is that the St Andrew’s Night was a great success in the barn at Collyweston House; many thanks to Debby and James for acting as hosts once again and to all the people that came  and many of whom brought delicious eats. You really should make a note of this for next year; perhaps Bruce’s next quiz  might be a little less taxing on the brain!

In last month’s edition you were asked to admire our new carpet. Unfortunately, due to manufacturing difficulties, this was put off until the beginning of January so there should be something to cheer us up in the generally morbid month of January; come and have a look then.

Let us hope that everyone has had a lovely Christmas, enjoyed the Carol Service and the Service on Christmas morning and that the New Year will be all that we would wish it to be despite the efforts of a few fanatics in the Middle East to make it otherwise. It is an awful shame that the area that gave birth to our beliefs should be suffering such turmoil.

May we wish you all that you would wish upon yourselves for the coming year.

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens

December 2015

We are now into Advent and on the way to Christmas, the birthday of Jesus. Probably everyone’s favourite time in the Christian (and secular) calendar.

As usual we shall be celebrating this great event. The Carol Service on Sunday 20th at 6.00pm will be our traditional candlelit occasion with lessons telling the delightful story of Christmas. But this year the new Benefice Choir will be leading the singing and performing a number of anthems instead of the secular poems and readings of previous years. This will be well worth attending as it is not only a wonderful way to celebrate the season but gives us all the opportunity of joining in with the carols that we have enjoyed since childhood. Don’t forget to bring a candle and it will be over in time to get to the pub for the Quiz! If any of the children who have partaken in Nativity Plays at their schools would like to come along in their costumes they would be more than welcome.

This will also be the first chance for many to see our new carpet; this being the latest stage in improving the church building itself, having previously carried out much needed redecoration over the past two years. (Try not to spill any candle wax on it!)

Again, if you like carol singing, we shall be attempting to sing carols around some of the village on Tuesday 22nd. If you would like to join in, please meet up at The Slater for 6.30pm. If you can’t join in, please be ready to listen out for the singers and be ready to welcome them. These will be real people singing real carols, out in the cold!

May we wish you a Merry and Happy Christmas and all that you would wish yourself.

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens

November 2015
The Church’s year is rapidly drawing to a close; it is hard to believe that the new year for us begins with Advent at the end of this month!

Before that happens, thought, we have Remembrance Sunday on the 8th when we shall have a service starting at 10.45am and will incorporate the Act of Remembrance at the war memorial to begin with.

The end of the month is the Feast of St Andrew, our parish’s Patron Saint and he will be celebrated on Sunday November 29th. This is the day after we have our “St Andrew’s Night” gathering in the barn at Collyweston House. This is always a super evening with lots of splendid food and a friendly atmosphere with maybe a light hearted competition or two. There will be posters on display a little nearer the time but ticket price remains the same as last year at £7.50 each, remarkably good value!

Our Priest in Charge, Reverend Philip Davies, returns this month from his sabbatical; welcome back, Philip, we trust you had a constructive and relaxing time away.

Many thanks to Brian Andrews who has refurbished the notice board on the main gate; it should now be possible to read any notices clearly instead of through a yellow fug!

Those of you with young children, don’t forget “Messy Church” – a breakfast club for youngsters on the first Saturday of the month held at King’s Cliffe Underground Centre. Lots of activities and bacon butties too! Email

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens

October 2015     Calling all medics!
Last year we had a successful celebration for all those involved in the health and welfare of mankind, held on the Feast Day of St Luke the Evangelist, patron saint of doctors and nurses. We shall be celebrating this feast again this year on ‘Health Care Sunday’, 18th October, at the regular 9.15am Holy Communion. If you are in any way involved in health care you are cordially invited to attend and give thanks for all those who are concerned with our health and well being. This obviously includes all those of us who have experienced the care of these dedicated professionals.

If you are, or have been, in any way involved in the health care profession and would like to take part by reading a lesson, leading the prayers or have a story to tell we would love you to be involved. Please call either of the churchwardens, or leave a message at the Benefice office on 01780 479249.

September 2015     September already, how time flies! Let’s hope that everyone has had a good summer break and is raring to head into Autumn. One of the first confirmations that autumn is here is the Harvest Festival on 27th followed by lunch in the Village Hall. Everyone is welcome to both events but we would like a guide as to how many people are likely to be at the lunch – so that we know how many peas to put in the pot!

Please let Deirdre or Peter know if you are coming (contact details on page 8 of the current Colly News). You’re not obliged to be at the Harvest Festival to claim your free lunch but I am sure you would feel better if you have joined in the service as well. There is no charge other than a donation if you feel like it.

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens

August 2015     We are now well into the holiday season and many of us like to go away if possible so things will be a little quiet for the next few weeks. Our Priest in Charge, Philip Davies, will also be taking a sabbatical for a few weeks so if you need to contact a priest please ring the Benefice Office (01780 479249) and speak to Katy. Our Associate Priest, Karin Voth Harman, is on 07971 936253.

It is our intention that the Church building, which is currently normally locked, should be open to visitors at other times, possibly on Saturdays. This has not yet been finalised as we would like to update some of the information that is available in the form of a pamphlet or booklet, possibly with a “Treasure Hunt” for visiting children.

Unfortunately, due to some vandalism in local Churches, the police are advising us against opening but we shall have to see: it would be nice to have the building more accessible.

On a sad note, the Spitfire that graced our Fete with a flypast has suffered a landing accident recently. It is to be hoped that no one was hurt and that the damage is slight.

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens

July 2015      What a splendid day we had for our fete! The sun shone on both sides of the hedges, the cake competition brought forth another bumper crop of culinary masterpieces, splendid teas, burgers and beer, fun for everyone and a great crowd of visitors, all topped off with a Spitfire flypast! What more could be wanted?

It’s great to report that a profit of around £1650 was made and thanks to everyone who helped, who came and donated prizes and bric-a-brac. You should know that any bric-a-brac items remaining were collected by the British Heart Foundation for recycling through their shops so nothing goes to waste and your generosity goes towards helping others.

Whilst the fete was going on and there being no service here at Collyweston that day, the opportunity was taken to repair the plasterwork and repaint the chancel walls. This involved a lot of covering of furnishings and what appeared to be enough scaffolding to rebuild the old palace. The contractors, Claude N Smith, did a splendid job for us as usual. Inevitably a lot of dust was generated but that has been mostly cleared away and a final polish of the pews by a few extra bums on seats at the next services will add that final lustre.

These next two months generally mean holidays from school and people going away, so if you are taking what you consider to be a well earned rest, enjoy it!

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens

June 2015     Reminder! The village fete in aid of church funds is on Sunday 7th June! There is still time to get your cake made ready for the Great Collyweston Bake Off; please deliver it to The Hermitage, opposite the village shop, by 11.30 on the morning of the event. There are no categories so make anything you wish. Cakes will be displayed (anonymously) and judged at the beginning of the fete – and then consumed! If you are unsure of any details please ring Sarah Jane or The Hermitage – numbers are on page 10 of  the June edition of Collyweston News.

We also need items for bric-á-brac, tombola and raffles. If one of our collectors has not managed to call on you for contributions, please call The Hermitage as above and we’ll arrange to collect or you could just drop it in the passageway at the house. (Leave your name on it to save anyone calling again.)

We do depend very much on any money made on the day to keep the church running so let us hope for a good turnout and fair weather. You can start the day at noon with a pint and a burger, have a game or two, watch the kids decorating cupcakes and everyone enjoying themselves, have afternoon tea and wait for the raffle results about 4.30pm. What better things could you think of to do on an early summer Sunday?

Also this month we hope to complete the ongoing redecoration programme by repairing and repainting the chancel walls. We would also like to replace the carpeting and progress is being made on this front – but we do have to get various authorisations (known as Faculties) to do this, and it could take a little while for it all to come together.

See you on Sunday 7th at the Fete!

Deirdre and Peter (still) churchwardens

May 2015     By the time you read this, the Annual Church Meeting will have passed; it remains to be seen whether either or both of the current churchwardens will have been re-appointed or if there is new blood in place. As at the time of writing no new nominations have been received it may well be the old faces back again.

Similarly, the licensing service for Rev’d Karin Voth Harman will also have taken place. Karin, the Benefice Curate, will have been licensed as Assistant Priest to the Benefice and we wish her every success in that office.

On Sunday 7th June, the annual Village Fete in aid of the church will take place from 12.00 noon until around 4.30pm. You may have seen from the adverts in the village magazine and hopefully from posters around that there will be another cake baking competition following on from the success of last year. There were some splendid efforts last time so let’s see if that can be improved upon. The cakes will all be consumed for the teas! The day will start with a barbecue and of course there will be a bar and loads of games, tombolas and raffles.

There are never too many people to help; if you can assist with a stall, provide tombola or raffle prizes or even goods for the bric-a-brac stall it would be gratefully appreciated. There will be folks coming round collecting but it is very difficult to cover everywhere so if you have any donations they can be left at The Hermitage on High Street. The Fete is very important for the church’s funds and there is a wonderful atmosphere to be enjoyed amongst friends in a lovely setting. See you there!

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens

April 2015     Easter is here! This has to be the most important Feast in the Church’s year, where we celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ, the whole basis of the Christian faith. Easter Day will be on April 5th and we shall celebrate with a service of Holy Communion at 10.00am. In days gone by this was a special service where the onset of Spring was celebrated by the ladies in their Easter bonnets, Easter eggs and, for some reason, Easter bunnies. If you have a nice new bonnet or a special Easter egg, bring it along!

Last month we held a celebration of a forty years’ marriage and also a baptism; just goes to show how the world continues no matter what we try to do to change things. It was lovely to have these two ceremonies to give us hope for the future and to remind us of things past.

The Annual Church Meeting is to be held in church on Wednesday April 29th at 7.30pm. At this meeting we elect churchwardens and PCC members for the coming year. If anyone would like to stand as a churchwarden, or as a member of the PCC, please contact either of the current churchwardens (numbers are on page 16 of the April issue of Colly News). Membership of the PCC is open to anyone on the Parish Electoral Roll (not the same as the electoral roll for government and council elections). If you feel that you could make a contribution, however small, to the continued support and well being of the parish you would be most welcome. It is not an onerous position but there is great satisfaction to be had from being able to take part and making things just that little bit better.

As a reminder, the Village Fete is on Saturday June 7th. This is our biggest fund raiser of the year and is essential to maintain the presence of the Church in Collyweston. In previous years we have had wonderful support for this event from all quarters of the parish and let us hope that this year will be no different; if you can contribute in any way, by helping with the erecting and running of the event, giving and collecting tombola and raffle prizes, or just coming and supporting it, you will be most welcome.

This year, as last year, we shall be holding “The Great Collyweston Bake Off”; this was a great success with some splendid offerings which were consumed with relish during the afternoon. There will be a slight change to the format this year with the cakes publicly displayed and judged (by an expert in this field) so that everyone can see the efforts made by the entrants. Details of how to enter will be revealed in May.

Happy Easter to you all.
Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens

March 2015     Church’s year, Easter. The rather drab, flower free weeks of Lent are meant to lead us towards that glorious festival of Easter Sunday. You will see from the services on the list that there are several occasions where we can celebrate this glorious season: on Friday 6th March the Women’s World Day of Prayer will be celebrated at King’s Cliffe, and Mothering Sunday on March 15th at 9.15am. Palm Sunday is on 29th March and there will be a service at 11.00am. There will be a “Final Hour” vigil on Good Friday, April 3rd, at 2.00pm and an Easter Communion on the Day itself, April 5th, at 10.00am. There would normally have been a Benefice Service on this day but that will now take place on 19th March.

There are some forthcoming events to make note of. We hope to have some sort of celebration for St George’s Day, which will probably consist of a meal and entertainment on Saturday 25th April – and there will definitely be a Village Fete on Sunday 7th June, starting with a barbecue at 12 noon. As the “Great Collyweston Bake Off” was such a success last year we hope it will be repeated this year with some improvements; it is proposed that the cakes will be displayed in all their splendour for everyone to see before being judged and sold off or as teas.

Obviously the Fete is a big thing for the Church here in Collyweston, and relies greatly on the good will and participation of as many folks as possible – so please make a note in your diary and if you can help in any way we could be pleased to hear from you.

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens

February 2015     It is with great sadness that we have learned of the recent death of Reverend David Everitt, who was Priest in  charge at Ketton whilst Collyweston was part of that Benefice. He had recently been brought back unwell from Africa and died unexpectedly but peacefully at Cheltenham. God Bless you David.

As this is being written January has been a fair month so far with regard to weather; there have been some beautiful days but very cold nights!

January saw our Epiphany Pet Service. What a lovely afternoon service it was too, thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. The only variety in the pets was the types of dogs attending. Unfortunately they were the only pets represented but understandably moggies and the like are not as easily restrained as dogs on leads. Let’s hope that we have a similar service next year and all those who came will pass on the good news that it is a lovely way to celebrate with our pets. There should be the odd photo in Colly News.

For those who cannot wait to get stuck into the odd pancake, Shrove Tuesday is on the 17th of the month and the following day, Ash Wednesday, marks the beginning of Lent. All those of you who have managed a “dry January” can look forward to giving up something else for Lent! There will be a celebration of Holy Communion at 8.00pm in Kings Cliffe church on Ash Wednesday.

You can find details of our Services for the month here – but if at any time you would like to find out a little more or what is going on elsewhere in the Benefice, try the Benefice website.

Deirdre and Peter

January 2015     Let us hope that by the time you are reading this, you will have enjoyed a fulfilling and happy Christmas and that all you wished for came true. It is always, to me, a most magical time of year and seems to be upon us and gone in no time at all. Let’s hope that you also enjoyed the Carol Service, the Christmas Morning Service and the Carol singers who came round. Unfortunately with a limited number of performers and a widely spread village it was not possible to visit every household but we thank you for your generous donations.

January can be a bit of an anticlimax after the hectic Christmas period so one of the things that the Church is doing is to celebrate, on the Second Sunday of Epiphany, with a service for our pets. Please come along, with your pet(s) at 4.00pm on January 11th. It would be great to see a Church full of animals and their owners and who knows, they may even make new friends! No restrictions on the type of animal or insect, snake, leopard, donkey, pony or even camels. If they can get through the door we would be pleased to see them. If you can’t bring your pet at least bring a picture. It might be a good idea to keep birds in cages; the rafters are very high and tempting to our feathered friends. (Believe me, I know!)

Back down to earth, so to speak, the service on January 25th will be addressed by Chris Wild of Christian Aid.

Happy New Year, Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens

December 2014      Gosh, how soon Advent is upon us; that glorious period leading up to Christmas! We have enjoyed a great St Andrew’s evening in The Barn at Collyweston House and are looking forward to the celebrations of this wonderful season to come. There are many things to think about at this time of year; what are we really celebrating? Is it remembering all those people to whom we sent a card last year but with whom we have had no contact since, or is it have we spent enough money on gifts for those a little closer to us or have we got enough booze, food and other goodies to make the season enjoyable, or is it thinking of the real meaning of Christmas when we commemorate the birth of a person who has had such a profound effect on the world as we know it?

Whatever your outlook, it is still a delightful time of the year and The Church will help you to make the most of it. Please make a note of the Candlelit Carol Service to be held at 6.00pm on Sunday 21st; this traditional opening to Christmas itself is always a joyous occasion for everyone and is a great start, with wonderful stories of the birth of Christ and carols and hymns that we all know and love. Please bring a candle and a holder! It will be over in time for everyone to join in the quiz at the pub afterwards!

Talking of carols, there will be the opportunity for everyone to get involved in carol singing round some of the village on Wednesday 17th. Meet at The Slater at 6.30 if you wish to join in or keep an ear out for those who are out singing. The Service on Christmas Day itself will be at 10.00am; not too early so that you have time to open your presents and not too late to encroach on lunch! Please make every effort to come along and have a real start to the great day itself.

Happy Christmas to you all, Deirdre and Peter churchwardens

November 2014      The Church year is rapidly drawing to its close with the First Sunday of Advent at the end of the month and Christmas not far off!

There are plenty of things happening this month, the first being a concert by “Cantare” on Saturday 1st at 7.00pm. The Cantare Choir are regular visitors and put on a splendid and varied programme, this year hot on their return from a concert in Parish, so we are in exalted company! A bonfire and fireworks at Kings Cliffe Rectory on Sunday 2nd from 5.515pm, tickets £5 or £3 for under 12s. St Andrews Night supper at The Barn, Collyweston House on 22nd at 7.00pm, tickets from PCC members at £7.50. This is always a lovely evening with great food and hopefully some entertainment too.

You will see from the details of services this month that there will be a special Memorial Service at 4.00pm on Sunday 2nd; this is especially for those of us who have lost someone near and dear to us over the past year or so and Rev’d Karin Voth Harman will no doubt make it a memorable occasion. The normal Benefice Service will take place at Kings Cliffe at 11.00am.

Sunday 9th is Remembrance Sunday, particularly poignant in this the centenary year of the commencement of the Great War. The service will start at the war memorial just before 11.00am.

Sunday 30th is the First Sunday of Advent and we shall also be celebrating our Patron Saint on that day. So, all in all, plenty to get involved in. We look forward to seeing some of you at some, if not all, of these events.

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens. 

October 2014      On Sunday September 14th Canon Michael Wilson presided over the laying of the stone commemorating Rex and Elisabeth Thompson who were once residents at Collyweston House in Back Lane. Their family asked that a stone be laid in the Churchyard to celebrate their long association with the village. The Churchyard has not been used for burials as such since 1882 but as this is purely a memorial the Diocese were pleased to grant a Faculty (planning permission) in this instance.

September has continued the lovely summer we have had this year and we must hope that it carries on! As this is being written in the middle of September the Harvest Festival and Lunch are still to come – so let us hope that both were roaring successes!

This are a number of special services and events to come in October and November:

  • 19th October – service to celebrate St Luke and all those who are involved in any form of health care. If you, or anyone close to you, is or has been involved in this admirable profession Rev’d Karin Voth Harman would be pleased for you to be involved in the service either as a member of the congregation or to take part in the service itself.
  • 26th October – Bible Sunday. The readings will be from the good old St James Bible; wonderful prose!
  • 1st November – there will be a concert in Church by Cantare, the Stamford Girls’ School choir. They have been regular performers here and have always been well received. There seems no limit to their talent either vocally or instrumentally so please set this date aside.
  • Monday 2nd November – All Souls’ Day. There will be a Memorial Service at 4 o’clock in the afternoon for us to commemorate those of our community who have departed this life in the last year or so. Hopefully there will be special individual invitations but obviously everyone is welcome. The service will be for the Benefice but with special emphasis on Collyweston and Easton. Canon Michael Wilson and Rev’d Karin Voth Harman will be addressing and leading the service respectively.

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens. 

September 2014         September is upon us and summer has almost gone, but bits of it were good while it lasted. Pity it decided to change for the worse when I went on holiday; I do like visiting the Peak District but it looks so much better when it is not raining!

We have a wedding to look forward to this month (on the 13th) which is always a joyous occasion, and we wish the happy couple a long and happy life together. On the same day, the Northamptonshire Historic Churches Trust is holding its “Ride and Stride Day”, where cyclists and walkers are sponsored to visit as many churches in the county as possible. We shall be one of the participating churches – and if you would like to take part please contact Peter Sauntson for details. (We promise it won’t clash with the wedding!)

Our Harvest Festival will be on September 28th at 11.00am, led by Canon Michael Wilson. It will be followed by a Harvest Lunch in the village hall. As last year, the lunch will be free of charge but donations towards the cost would be appreciated. We could also do with knowing approximately how many are likely to attend, so that the catering department knows how many peas to put in the soup! Please Deirdre or Peter know in good time.

Our Priest In Charge is the Reverend Philip Davies who can be contacted at Kings Cliffe rectory on 01780 470314.

August 2014       We are now well into summer and many of us will be looking forward to a holiday, whether it be at home, elsewhere in the country or even foreign climes; whatever it is let us hope for good weather, pleasant company and a good time for all.

The first Sunday of the month service, which these days is usually a Benefice service at Kings Cliffe, will take the form of a commemoration (not a celebration) of the beginning of the First World War and will take place here at St Andrew at 11.00am. There is an exhibition in the Village Hall by the Historical Society after the service. The exhibition is also taking place on the Saturday.

There is the annual Sponsored Ride and Stride organised by the Northamptonshire Historic Churches Trust on Saturday September 13th were cycle riders and walkers are sponsored to visit churches throughout the county. Last year over 3,000 visits were made during this event and over £30,000 was raised for the trust which helps fund repairs and maintenance of the county’s churches. We are at the ‘neck end’ of the county so visitors from afar are unlikely  but if you would like to take part in this good cause, please contact Peter Sauntson. On the same day there will be a wedding taking place but arrangements will be made so that the two events do not clash!

If you would like to make enquiries regarding the booking of a Baptism or Church Wedding, please contact the Benefice Office in Kings Cliffe Church on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings between 10.00am and 11.30am where Katy Evans, office coordinator, will be pleased to assist. Our Priest in charge is Reverend Philip Davies at Kings Cliffe rectory, 01780 470314.

July 2014*     June has been a relatively busy month for the Church; firstly, the fete on June 8th seems to have been a great success with an overall profit of over £1500. Perhaps a Sunday is a better day to hold it than the usual Saturday? Thanks must go to all those who came to help with the moving and erecting of tents, chairs, tables and games, those who collected, those who donated and those who ran the stalls and attractions on the day, without whom the event would never happen.

One of the successes of the day was the Great Collyweston Bake Off, which saw a plethora of stupendous cake creations to be judged and consumed; congratulations to all who took part!

We also had our first wedding of the year on the 14th when the church looked beautiful (as did the bride!) and was full of happy guests. What a pity that the reception was marred in the early hours by a theft and act of vandalism. This mindless action also made itself felt on the Main Road by an egg attack on a house. Surely they were not Colly folk?

Finally, we said a sad farewell to our oldest member of the congregation, Gordon Barnes whose funeral was held on the 17th. At ninety four Gordeon had witnessed a great deal of change in the village and his memories have now gone with him; let us hope that we remember a little of what he had to give us all.

At the beginning of August there is to be a Service of Commemoration for the start of the First World War in conjunction with a display weekend in the Village Hall, details of which will be made known in due course.

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens    * Wonderful colour photos from the fete can be seen on pages 10 and 11 of Collyweston News July edition. 

June 2014     June already; how time flies, longest day this month and then all downhill to Christmas! Before then, however, there are lots of good things to come. You will no doubt be aware and all keyed up for the fete on Sunday June 8th from midday. There are plenty of opportunities to help in the organising, setting up and running of the event if anyone feels so inclined. If you have any items suitable for raffle prizes, tombola or bric-á-brac please look them out. Hopefully someone will be round to collect but this is not always possible – so if you could deliver them to The Hermitage, opposite the shop, with your name on them (to save a collector’s legs!) it would be appreciated.

The fete is very important to help fun the Church in the village so your participation is greatly valued; let’s hope for a sunny and successful day.

Don’t forget the Great Collyweston Bake Off at the fete; if you have not already done so please contact Sarah Jane (see page 9 of Colly News for details). Loads of scones would also be very well received!

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens

May 2014     The Annual Church Meeting was held on April 10th and there has been no change in Churchwardens or PCC members. You all obviously thought that they were doing a good job so far!

The next major item for us is the Fete. This year it will be held on Sunday June 8th in the garden of The Hermitage, halfway down High Street across from the Shop, starting at noon. As previously there will be a barbecue and bar (no need to get Sunday lunch), teas (no need to get tea), as well as the usual games, competitions, tombola and raffle. You will have seen from adverts in Collyweston News details of a cake competition this year – so please join in the fun!

To make the Fete a success there is an enormous amount of work that goes on behind the scenes and there never seem to be enough folks to help out so if you would like to be involved please let us know. (Peter and Deirdre’s phone numbers are on p13 of the village magazine.)

One of the tasks is collecting donations for raffle and tombola. Please take this as advice that you are likely to be approached by someone cadging (scrounging?). This should take place in the week leading up to the event so please give generously. If you have not had anyone calling by then it is because of the aforementioned shortage of able bodies – in which case please ring Peter who will arrange to collect, or leave your donation at The Hermitage. Please leave your name with any donations so that we do not call again.

Deirdre and Peter, churchwardens


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