Winter weather

What can I do before and during cold weather?

  • The most common problems in sub-zero temperatures are frozen pipes and water tanks. Leaving the heating on will stop the water tank from freezing. Check the lagging on pipes and your loft insulation to make sure it’s still effective. If there is less than 4 inches of insulation in your loft it should be topped up.
  • If you have an empty property, drain the water and heating systems. A plumber will be able to help you. If you’re going to be away for any length of time, either leave the heating on or drain the systems. Remember to leave a contact number with a friend or neighbour.
  • Clean out guttering and check for leaks or damage. Get rid of any leaves and/or debris blocking drain covers. You should also check your roof from ground level for problems like loose or missing tiles. Make sure TV aerials are securely fixed.
  • Bring pets indoors. If you have a fishpond leave something – like a ball – floating in it. If the water freezes, you can lift the ball up to create a fresh air supply for the pond.
  • Keep a supply of batteries, torches and extra provisions like tinned food handy. If your home loses power, keep the freezer door shut to stop food defrosting.
  • Visit the Met Office at to check weather forecasts for your area.
  • Get boiler checked and serviced before the cold weather kicks in.
  • Make sure your home insurance adequately covers you for winter related damage
    eg floods etc.

Thanks to the Clydesdale Bank for this advice.   December 2017