Collyweston Quarries nature reserve ‘The Deeps’

Did you know that there’s a nature reserve in Collyweston, managed by The Wildlife Trust?

Where? On the way out of the village on the A43 towards Stamford, look out for Deepside on the left, and a long lay-by on the right. Park in the lay-by and cross the road, pass through either of the 2 gates at the end of the lane, and you’re in!

There are various routes through the former quarry, either circular or you can come out at the top of Easton on the Hill cricket field.

During the winter months the Reserve is grazed by sheep and cattle, to enable the wildflowers native to limestone grassland to return in the Spring. During the winter dogs should therefore be kept on leads.

For more information about the management of this very special environment, contact Lisa Rowley at the Wildlife Trust.

Updated June 2018

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