Beavers – Ketton

For children  from age 6

Available to boys and girls, this unique experience for youngsters instills so many characteristics we all want for the next generation.

  • Making rockets
  • Internet safety
  • Looking after animals
  • Tying knots …. plus …
  • Discipline ~ respect ~ resilience ~ confidence ~ team work … the list is endless!

The only thing to top the friendships which develop has to be the excitement of working towards and achieving the infamous badges! From astronomy to helping the community, there’s something to suit all interests.

The waiting list is long so a top tip is to sign up your child (boys and girls welcome() years before they are due to start, if you can.

Like any popular group they can only run thanks to all the volunteers who make it happen. Ketton are currently looking for more adults to train up as leaders, and also for more trustees who may bring their own work skills to help run the group from a management aspect. The more leaders there are, the more kids can get signed up and joining in.

Why not get in touch and just try observing for a week to see if it appeals. Not only a fantastic asset to your CV, you’re also giving back to the community – and you’ll have a whole heap of rewarding fun along the way.

To find out more, or to get your child on the waiting list, contact