A business may be listed under up to 3 headings. More headings/sub-headings may be added and/or rearranged at webmasters’ discretion. A list of headings is here.

The business must be based in Collyweston to qualify for free listing. Qualification rests at the discretion of the webmasters.

All entries are taken in good faith by the webmasters of the Collyweston village website, and no responsibility can be taken by the webmasters for inaccuracies or other liabilities incurred by being listed there. Any listing may be removed at the discretion of the webmasters.

Each entry will consist of the following details only:

  • Business name
  • Landline and/or mobile telephone number/s
  • Email and/or website address
  • Named contact (for both customers’ and the village webmasters’ benefit)


Accounting & Bookkeeping


Artists, Galleries & Museums

Babysitting, childcare & education

  • Ketton Playschool for children 2 1/2 to school aage, 5 days a week open 8.45-11.45, 11.45-3.45, 8.45-3.45, based at the primary school * 01780 721676 * *

Builders & contractors (specialist sub-headings available)

Building trades (sub-headings available)

Catering & catering equipment


Church, Services, Church functions


Clothes alterations and dressmaking

Computer services

Copywriters, editors, proofreaders


Exercise, fitness

Fish & Chips

  • Morton Fish & Chips * EASTON ON THE HILL High Street 1615 – 1640 The Crescent 1640 – 1700 COLLYWESTON The Drove 1710 – 1745 KETTON The Railway Pub 1750 – 1820 Empringham Rd 1830 – 1850

Gardening & Landscape gardening (specialist sub-headings available)


Interior designers

Kennels, Catteries, Dog-walking, Animal grooming, Breeders

Legal advice

Musicians & Entertainers

Personal therapies (sub-headings available)



Public relations





Shops (sub-headings as required)

Sport (sub-headings as required)


Taxi & Private  hire

  • Weston Private Hire – long distance and airport transport specialist * 01780 444363 (home) or 07860 589867 (mobile) * * Alan Byrne

Website services

Wood burners, Fireplaces, Firewood


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