Available headings


Accounting & Bookkeeping


Artists, Galleries & Museums

Babysitting, childcare & education

Builders & contractors (specialist sub-headings available)

Building trades (sub-headings available)

Catering & catering equipment


Church, Services, Church functions


Clothes alterations and dressmaking

Computer services

Copywriters, editors, proofreaders


Exercise, fitness

Gardening & Landscape gardening (specialist sub-headings available)


Interior designers

Kennels, Catteries, Dog-walking, Animal grooming, Breeders

Legal advice

Musicians & Entertainers

Personal therapies (sub-headings available)



Public relations



Shops (sub-headings as required)

Sport (sub-headings as required)


Taxi & Private  hire

Website services

Wood burners, Fireplaces, Firewood


3 Responses to Available headings

  1. Hannah Giddings says:

    Hi my husband used to attend collyweston primary school when it was situated at the old school building, for years now we have been coming back and visiting and hoping to find out if and when the old school comes up for sale, I was just wondering if anyone has any information for us on this, we would be incredibly greatful to hear from anyone who could help us with this. It’s a very fond memory for my husband his days in colly, and we would love to be able to purchase and restore the property and share it with our boys if that was a possibility. Kind regards

    • The Admin Team says:

      My apols Hannah, I’ve only just found your message. I have posted it on Collyweston’s Facebook page, and will also make it a Post on the front of the village website so more folks will see it. (That won’t appear till Feb 6th now, as we have other stories scheduled in already.) We also have Twitter, so there’s a good chance someone will see it and maybe get in touch. The ‘old’ school in the High Street is a village hall, leased from Burghley. The ‘new’ school, next to the Main Road, is also owned by Burghley – it shut in 1995 – and Burghley have finally got around to redeveloping it as a large house for rent. You could always ask, but I know from others’ experience that the Estate never had any intention of selling, only renting, that building. Sorry, that’s not what you wanted to hear (and waited since last April to hear!) – but maybe your husband will be able to catch up with a few old friends on FB anyway. Very best wishes, The Web Team at Collyweston (Fiona!). xx

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