Dave’s brave shave

In aid of MacMillan Cancer Support – Target figure £250

Dave Hemingway reports: “Well I completed the deed as promised on Sunday 2nd August at the Collyweston Slater. My nutty neighbour challenged me to colour my hair before it was shaved, so I went for red. This earned me a bit extra in sponsorship money. 150803 Dave baldy montage

Online donations  £160.00
Collyweston Slater sponsor form  £116.40
Robert Granicz (Pretzel Logic UK Ltd £200.00
Other donations £68.60
making a total of…. drum roll…   £545.00 to date!

A big thank you to everyone who sponsored me. I couldn’t have done it without your support. Also thanks to Mandy Howard who is a pet groomer from Duddington who did the deed.

Dave (Bald Eagle) Hemingway         September 2015

Did you make a donation yet to Dave Hemingway’s Brave Shave in aid of Macmillan Cancer Care? Having lost a father and two brothers to cancer, Dave felt it was a small price to pay, to help Macmillan provide care for people with cancer. He first dyed his locks bright red – then had the lot shaved off, at the Collyweston Slater on Sunday 2nd August.

How can you donate?

Visit the website, or fill out a sponsor form (available from the Collyweston Slater and from the village shop) and leave your cash/cheque donation at the pub, or the shop, or with Dave. It doesn’t matter how small your donation is, it will all help. Dave’s aiming to raise £250 for the charity.

Dave’s wife Jo sends many many thanks to everyone who donates, to the Slater for letting Dave use their premises for the Shave, and to the shop and the pub for holding the forms. A real team effort!


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