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Harvesting the skies for nature

by Adrian Thomas of the RSPB Sometimes in making a garden better for wildlife, you have to challenge yourself, and for me that comes whenever the DIY toolkit is called for. After all, I’m the kind of person who gets confused … Continue reading

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Cool tips for summer pets

Apply sun block to pets with short white fur, particularly on ears and the tops of noses as they are the most prone to sunburn. Use a product suitable for babies. Ensure your pets – cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs … Continue reading

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‘Wild swimming’ – don’t assume it’s safe

Can you imagine trying to swim in clingfilm? When you enter outdoor water, your muscles will tighten, contort and paralyse causing you to drown – silently. Drowning is the third highest cause of accidental death among children in the UK. One … Continue reading

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Create a wildlife sun-bed in your garden

Create a warm and safe hotspot, providing a place for slow-worms and lizards to warm themselves in safety. Reptiles are cold-blooded creatures that need to use the heat of their environment to become active – especially on our chilly British … Continue reading

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Is speeding a problem?

Question: Does Collyweston have a speeding problem? What’s your experience been? (Genuine reason for asking!) Please reply here, or you can visit the village Facebook page and comment there.  

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The Office of the Northants Police and Crime Commissioner has recently launched a public consultation regarding proposals for the governance of Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service to transfer from the Fire Authority which currently sits in Northamptonshire County Council, to … Continue reading

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Think before you park!

Can emergency services get past? Can those in wheelchairs, visually impaired or with pushchairs get past? You could be committing an offence if you: park within the confines of a pedestrian crossing or zig zag lines outside of a school … Continue reading

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