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What do you think about our roads?

The Village Diary magazine is doing a feature on village roads in winter. Please feel free to post your comment here (say whether you’d like your name published or not – they usually do) and we’ll make sure it’s passed … Continue reading

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October wildlife news from the farm

Although our Swallows left the farm during the last week in August, and others have said the same, I continued to see Swallows for the first 20 days of September. On 20th September we harvested our crop of organic red clover and there … Continue reading

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Training incident this Sunday

TRAINING INCIDENT WILL PUT NORTHAMPTONSHIRE’S EMERGENCY PLANS TO THE TEST Emergency plans will be put to the test this weekend when a group of young cadets go missing during an overnight trek as part of a training exercise. The simulated … Continue reading

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How to keep safe in windy weather

There are many ways you can keep safe during strong winds by being prepared: Secure items outside your home that could be blown away, such as patio furniture, bins etc Place cars in garages or where they will be protected … Continue reading

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Harvesting the skies for nature

by Adrian Thomas of the RSPB Sometimes in making a garden better for wildlife, you have to challenge yourself, and for me that comes whenever the DIY toolkit is called for. After all, I’m the kind of person who gets confused … Continue reading

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Cool tips for summer pets

Apply sun block to pets with short white fur, particularly on ears and the tops of noses as they are the most prone to sunburn. Use a product suitable for babies. Ensure your pets – cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs … Continue reading

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Defrosting your car

As the weather has already delivered several very cold nights, you need to know about the dangers of defrosting cars, by leaving the engines running and then going indoors to keep in the warm. Cars left in this manner advertise … Continue reading

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