Keep feeding the birds this summer

Keep Feeding During Summer

One of the biggest myths about feeding garden birds is that it is not necessary to do so in the summer – this is untrue and summer is a period when birds actually require a plentiful food supply because the young are inexperienced at feeding so an easy food source greatly increases their chances of survival. The adults change all their feathers at this time – a process which requires a lot of energy and also leaves them vulnerable if they have to hunt around for food (the moulting of feathers leaves them less able to fly well).

Don’t forget to keep bird baths topped up

Providing clean water for the birds in your garden is just as important as providing food, as birds require it for both drinking and bathing – the latter being essential to keep flight feathers in good condition. Many wildlife gardens will already have a bird bath, but these are often elevated on a stand and therefore not accessible to small mammals and especially hedgehogs. So having clean water at ground level is also important.

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