Turn off, tune out, get active

Being active is great for improving your wellbeing. This can mean anything from getting off the bus a few stops early to putting on your trainers for a nice long run.

Wildflowers and fungi can provide excellent excuses to get active.

(Well, we would say that wouldn’t we?)

Scroll down for some inspiration from Grow Wild for ways you can get active this Summer with UK native wildflowers and fungi…

Go on a nature quest

You don’t have to live in an area of outstanding natural beauty to be inspired by the nature around you. Try going on a nature quest in your local neighbourhood.

Sounds fun!

Take a walk on the (Grow) Wild side

The Grow Wild map is filling up with places that are free to visit and which celebrate UK native wildflowers and fungi. Take a longer walk to somewhere near you…

I’ll have a browse

Break a sweat clearing the weeds

We have spent the last few months trying to convince you that weeds are not worthless. However, sometimes there are plants (weeds) that you don’t want growing in your wildflower space, so put your back into beating the weeds!

Tell me more


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