60 seconds to safety

The super-speedy security checklist  

Even when you’re rushing to leave the house, one extra minute could make the difference between you keeping your stuff safe at home – and a burglar depriving you of it.

60 seconds to go… Do the window whip-round. 
An open window is an open invitation for burglars to access your home. Take a moment to whip round the house and shut tight any windows, lock them and put the key somewhere you can find it easily, but others can’t.

40 seconds to go… Sound the alarm
Did you know that only half of people that have a burglar alarm actually set it when they leave the house? 

30 seconds to go… Lock the doors
42% of people admit to leaving the house without locking it. It’s important to have good quality locks – and to use them!

20 seconds to go… Spotlight on security
Just before you jump into the car, make a habit of glancing up at your house as a whole. Note anything that might signal potential weakness to an intruder – such as worn letterboxes, or old siren boxes – and make that into a ‘fix soon’ list.

10 seconds to go… Last lookover
Have you taken care to padlock away those gardening tools from the weekend or the kids’ scooters? Heavy items are handy for intruders when they can’t get past your locks, and need something to break a window with.



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